Across The Country

While my wife was away for her job she decided that she wanted to get laid. She went to a local club and decided to hook up with some guy she had been dancing with. They went to a hotel and right when he was about to stick it in her she called me.

I answered the phone, "Hello."
She said, "Hey baby, whatcha doin'?"
"Not much," I said as I was playing on the computer, "What you you up to?"
"I'm about to get ******."
I was surprised and didn't know what to say but my **** shot up like a rocket.
"Do you want to listen?" she asked.
"Of course," I replied while trying to sound cool.

I got to hear her getting ****** and moved around into different positions and at one point he sounded like he was getting close so she had him stop. I asked if he had something on and she said he was wearing a condom but then she took it off of him so she could suck his **** a bit. While she was sucking him he asked her who she was talking to (he was quite drunk and didn't realize she had been on the phone) and she told him, "my husband" and went back to sucking his ****. When he got back to ******* her she didn't care about the condom anymore and let him *** inside her. After that we said our good-nights and we got off the phone. Then I got the text with a picture of her ***-filled *****. The message said, "don't you wish you were here?"

I had a good **** and went to bed.

My wife is the best.
SuiSav SuiSav
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Very erotic. I have listened on the phone too.

Good for you