Tarot Readings

In the early '90's I had a set of Native American tarot cards:  The Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams.

Things happened (my poor decisions) and I sat the cards down.

I recently picked them up again to see if I could continue with the readings and knew from the 1st time I will.

Tonight I was asked to do a reading by someone asking if their loved one's health will improve after a life threatening stroke and the severe disability that he is still receiving professional care for, he just recently went from the hospital to a nursing home.

I did a simple 3 card spread and the message was it's time to let go.  This could mean letting go on different levels, not just death.

I chose not to share that with her because it would shake her up too much.  I didn't think going home to an empty place would be good medicine. 

I'm not sure if she caught on or not.

I will always be learning how to develop this gift, and wonder if anyone has some feedback on this.

Thanks.  WM

WarriorMom WarriorMom
51-55, F
Feb 12, 2010