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Some people know tattoo has two process including “secant” and “play fog”. The two steps seem simple but in fact it needs super tattoo skills for the tattooist. For a good tattoo works, tattooist needs creative and perfect idea about the pattern and the next step is to finish secant and play fog.

At first you need to draw pattern and transfer it or directly draw pattern on your body. What you need to note is to remember smear Vaseline on the surface of pattern because it can reduce the amount of bleeding and ensure the needle running smooth in the secant process. What is more, it also can make the pattern more vivid and fresh. It is suitable for using round needle in the secant process. Note the angle of the tattoo machine with skin and try to keep vertical, which will bring the best effects. The maximum angle is not more than 20 ° because it is easy to cause line color smudged or failure to color. The needle depth is 1.5-2mm at best.

Before to play fog, you need to debug pigment to the appropriate color with pure water and play different fog according to the corresponding pattern. The geometric pattern depends on the different way to playing fog. The speed of the machine should be soft, slow the pace, from light to heavy and gradually increase the color pattern when you plan to play light fog. On the contrary, the machine speed should be increased and slightly intensify when you are playing thick fog but do not repeatedly tattoo. It is suitable to use double row pin which will bring nice pattern effects when you are playing fog. If you want to uniform pattern effects, you can consider arc-shaped pin. The single pin is not suitable for large area because it is easy to make the skin damage. If you would like to have try, please visit to buy tattoo kits.
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Dec 4, 2012