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In the early time, the operation of tattoo was handmade monochrome piercing the skin and would presented blue after pattern cyan color restoration. However, in 1892 Sam had invented electric tattoo machine, then the modern tattoo has got into a rapid development, which only is a little bit of mild pain, fast and simply tattoo just a few minutes. It solves the problems that past tattoo is mostly handmade, high cost, single electric tattoo machine. The electric tattoo machine beats 3000 times per minute and has been inexpensive because of its large scale production and processing. Also, it has increased the number of employees of the tattoo artists worldwide.

Tattoo kits include power supply, pedal, hook line, ancillary equipment connected to the circuit that will be hung tattoo to drive startup. Other ancillary equipments about handles, tattoo needles, needle-nose, pigment are also indispensable. All subsidiaries equipment talked about are called tattoo Kits.

This pure copper machine includes classic and find handcrafts, This original design of the Veins cuprum machine is made in advanced technology, excellent performance and very previously rare. You can use this kind of cheap tattoo machine to make all patterns quickly and easily. You can design all body arts to show the personality matching with you. The tradition tattoo machine remain its original and typical design because its brass, heat-resistant polymeric material which is better than other material. As time goes by, it looks very beautiful after getting oxidation. After debugging and testing strictly by workers, on 6 volts it would make a excellent work. I do not know whether you like tattoo while it is very popular in the European and other countries. If you have any interest in tattoo, please come to
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Jan 18, 2013