A Tragic Love Story


My name is Jewel, I soon should  be celebrating my 17 year marriage anniversary and I am sure it will not be a celebration. I can't remember much that has  been for almost 4 years.  I got married at 20 to a guy that I thought loved me as much as I loved him and that shared the same goals, dreams and ideologies on how to live life.  In my mind while I was living "it "  things were idealistic. It wasn't until much later, months really,  that I really started to see some things that always had a balance were now grossly unbalanced. I really was clueless to any serious issues between me and what I had always considered my "best friend" until the evening I came across some information that enacted a dramatic shift in the dynamic in my what I relied on to be my Reality.

More to follow...

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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

It might take a while to be able to get all "this" out. I feel I need to.... finally. face it. If it can cause movement and change of different humans and the way they view life then maybe someone else can benefit. That would be a great trickle down effect for me.