This Experience Left Me Yearning For More...

I can't imagine a life without world traveling. St.Augustine once said, "The world is like a book- and those who don't travel read only a page." Well... I very much like to read... ;) Some people aspire to be a doctor, nurse, factory person, businessman, plumber, I would happily Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo, problem (well, other than language barriers)...but not in the USA. I don't know why I can be happy elsewhere, and here feel trapped...but I do.

So I've been several places. Mostly the far east. South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan...I spent a year teaching English in South Korea. My BA isn't in's in psychology and philosophy...but that didn't matter to the Koreans- they just wanted someone who spoke pure English (American English). So I went...for one whole year. I lived my life in a small box, as a minimalist, I gave up my life how I knew it and who I knew myself to be. I stopped being lazy and annoyed and I began to explore and fill my mind with my new surroundings. As overwhelming as it all was my new life. And I loved it.

It all passed by so quickly- tragedies and surprises all seemed to happen in the same day. It's so blurry to me, yet...I can still smell the air and see the neon. It's still so fresh. And I want more.

Now I face the **** reality of living a life of new responsibilities and I'm supposed to look forward to a yuppie life. I know it shouldn't be so bad...but it seems very binding to me. There's a chunk of me that wants to meet the right guy, get married, have the house, kids, fence, dog, etc...but there's a part of me that feels so much bigger (NOT BETTER) than that. Like my mind and heart are so hungry for knowledge of new lands....I feel like my life is slowly slipping away from that...

All I hear- at 26 damn years old "You have to start thinking of retirement...pension...getting a real job..." OMG- Shut up!!!! I have 40 more years until I retire...what's the big rush anyway? That's another story for another blog. :-p


Does ANYONE relate??

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I relate. I had a fantastic time there in 2009. I went back recently and had the polar opposite experience and did a midnight run. I'm not proud of it, but I couldn't live that way for a whole year.

hahah sure they want "pure english" ;) ie American english? hahah but... there are a lot of britons Canadians ,New Zealanders and South aAricans teaching here too...bringing with us our 'flavour' and not our flavor... Where did English actually originate?<br />
England? or America?

I relate so much! I'm desperate to travel - especially to S Korea! And I feel tied down being here in US. <br />
<br />
The only reason people are prolly talking to you about retirement is that the economy is you-know-what - we younger people won't have a retirement & even the regular retirement isn't enough to live on. So, if you wanna keep traveling as long as you feell ike - keep socking $$ away into whatever you can so you can keep traveling(and eating) all your years - it's a balancing act - but the future comes unexpectedly fast, the older I get - and I'm not even that old yet!<br />
<br />
So don't run away from planning - plan so you can run away to new lands - whatever your happiest path - good luck & prayers to you.....I'm so envious!! ; )

You can think of the future and still see the lands you love. Maybe look for a job that involves travel, or look for an international job that would allow more easy access to all the places you love. Do what makes you happy, but don't forget reality either :-)