Learning The Hard Way To Care For Others

With such a strong-willed, strongly opinionated, but amazingly open mother, I would apperciate her as a person more. No...I apperciate one thing from her. She taught me the hard way to care for others...by not caring for me. She's got her favorite daughter (my older sister)

And with such a sturdy father, I would apperciate him too...but no, that isn't the case either. No I apperciate how he taught me that all were to go before me. He taught me that by yelling at me to let my little sister do what she wanted, and that if things weren't done to perfection, they might have well not been done at all. He has his favorite daughter too (my little sis)

So most would think my older sister would turn and giev me help, but she is just like my mother in almost all aspects. So I got to teach myself how to be independent and how to look after my little sister. And with that, I taught myself how to care for another human-being. And while my little sister doesn't apperciate my efforts, I'm glad I still do it. It helps me to forget I'm not the center of the universe and that others go before me and that caring is sometimes the best thing someone can do.
sayaandtenshi sayaandtenshi
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2010