Many Different Things!

When my birth-father did the right thing and gave my sister and I a large lump-sum of money, from his settlement check (erm, his lawyer had to convince him to...), my sister and I placed our money in the bank and spent part of it. I had two thousand dollars in the bank and let it sit there for a year. And then the biggest craze was home computers! 

So, I went an electronic store and bought the hottest new computer on the market. It was the IBM Aptiva, at the time! XD

I got it home, set it up, but had no knowledge of computers! So, I had to teach myself how to use it! I was 15 at the time and the only experience I had with a computer was briefly when I was six years old in school. And those were the old 80's computers that had nothing but DOS. Dinosaur years of technology! So, I had to teach myself how to point and click on icons and use Windows! It took me three weeks of playing around on that, before I was an expert. And I would invite my sister and mother to see what I could do! :-D

A few years later, I got AOL for my first experience of being on the internet! Yes, a dial-up modem, which was the cutting edge internet connection! LOL! It took me a while to teach myself email and to browse websites. Before I knew it, I was learning how to download 13-bit games! =p

And then I heard about creating websites. My first one, was a program on AOL, that made "sites", pre-made with no room for html knowledge. Just type the info in fields, select a picture from their gallery, and there was your "website". Lame! And that's when I decided to teach myself html! I found many sites on the subject and began to experiment. My first html site was HORRIBLE! It was on a service called "Geocities", which gave free space. And my first site was nothing but animated pictures all over the place and weird sounds! There is an episode of The Simpsons, where Homer made a website... very similar to what I had for my first site! XD

And then I realized that people like sites with themes and words and something to say. So, I made my first Sailor Moon website on Geocities. And then another anime site. And then a dorky site for a so called friend. But the bandwidth shortage of Geocites (meaning that whenever five or more people viewed my site, it would go down, until the bandwidth space fill back up) and the fact that the url names were so long... and the Geocities ads that had to be there, for it to be a free service... I decided that I was getting too big for this pond! :-/

So, I bought a real web domain in 2000, and I had a real site! It started out poorly. The graphics were made in paint and my html was limited. So, my sister bought a great graphics program (cost $500 at the time!) and I taught myself how to use that! I also learned all of html and began learning Java too... and then php. Before I knew it, I had a huge web-domain full of nicely designed sites! And I taught myself all of it. :-D

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Great stuff! <br />
Well I took time out because of a industrial injury had led to me being out of work for a long period. By the time I had gotten some use back in my hards the computing world had moved from Dos and a bit of Windows 3.11 if your employer was ahem up to date, so I had to learn all over again how to work different programs.<br />
I do a bit of HTML editing for my blog - I never used geocities but it didn't have a good reputation - as the guided sort can look abit boring otherwise and am learning all the time.