What A Taurus Girl Like Me Wants From A Man

First of all this is more of a personal story. It may relate to many Taurus girls out there but its more a personality thing. This story relates to me more than any Taurus girl so this isnt about horoscopes.

A girl like me wants...

-A man that will make me feel stable and does not turn every little problem to a more complicated one.
-Peace and relaxed smooth going life with an easy going man is what i'd love to have.
-Im not hard to get but i am a lot of hard work. Its hard for me to fall in love and its hard for any man to satisfy me not because im playing hard to get but because i know i deserve the best.

-I love nature and i so i love a man that appreciates the beauty of life.
-I love a fun active man who likes outdoor activities.
-i like a man with a good sense of humor and open minded way of thinking
-I appreciate a man that works for his goals and works on something big like having his own business and raising his standard of living over a man who gives up and prefers to sit his butt on a chair in front of the tv
-Ill forigve my man if he gets really busy and forgets my birthday once or twice but id get really annoyed if he rarely remembers when im born.
-ill give my man all freedom he wants and so i expect a man who gives me the freedom to go out there and be the successful person i wana be.
-Id like a man to solve problems rather than run away and ignore them
- Would love it if he suggests to spend time with me after not being together for a while.
- also i like men that are social not loners
- Man with a gentle voice, and one that doesnt yell, swear and shout a lot
- Extremely clean, smells good and looks classy..he doesnt have to look sexy but he has to be clean
-Love a man that would surprise me
-One that loves to go for adventures and discover new places and go wild with me
-Never be greedy around me thats a turn off
-Also never smell bad or look dirty
- dont chase me if i make it clear to u that I cant be with u
-My last interest in life is marriage, but if I found the right man then why not.

MAIN POINTS: stability, less drama, relaxation, financially stable, have a warm heart and a fun spirit, clean, not a womanizer, loves me the most and would never give up on me nor leave, Face me with problems and try to solve them rather than end the entire relationship
Most importantly treat me like a queen.

Nouran20 Nouran20
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012