Update On My Relationship With My Ex Aqua Guy

so its been 6 months after our breakup now.

Our relationship now is very stable. We talk once every while about random things, share music, make jokes, ask silly qs...thats it.
A friend told me some crap about him and i advised him to watch out and be careful from that friend. He thanked me. And he said he doesnt want anyone speaking badly about me either. He says im the most person he respects.

Ive learned recently that he attacked someone cuz they said something not pleasant about me. Which made me wonder why would he still do that if we r over?

Anyways, I talked to him we had a little argument then he becomes means and tell me to leave him alone and just b concerned with my own life.
Next day after we both cooled off. I told him that i expected an apology after all the disrespectful things he said to me and he did apologize.
He also mentions that he doesnt speak to me at all cuz we r over and there is nothing to say anymore. I asked him if it feels awkward if he talks to me? he says no i just dunno. :/
My reply was ok up to u if ur not comfortable then dont talk to me. I MADE IT CLEAR TO HIM that i dont talk to him or advise him cuz i wana get back and that he shouldnt link everything i say or do to us in the past. Cuz the past is something that doesnt affect me nor i want to worry about anymore.
I did move on. I did change.
I want us to keep the respect so i told him if he still wants to maintain the respect then he should keep his manners while speaking to me otherwise he can feel free to delete me.

Right after that he showed some concern and asked me how i was doing and where i am at the moment. Then that was it. Our relationship is smooth and clam but we r not close. Today we shared music thats it.
Hes very busy i know. He doesnt love me anymore and he dont seem to be interested in me. God knows i dont really understand him.

All i told him is that i wont ever think of marrying him and even if i thought about marriage it wont be with a guy i talk to over my blackberry phone! we live in different countries. I might be moving to his country in some time in future however dont think itll be right to meet up with that guy.

He is confusing...i dont know whats the right way to treat this guy. ignore him? or just talk to him like any normal friend?
But i wont ever say i love u again cuz i want to move on not trap myself with someone that stopped loving me.

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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

Let me start from the top. Aquarius' are very social unique people. They are very loyal. One thing you need to understand is we value freedom above all else. Sometimes when our heart conquers are mind which is rare we get scared sometimes and become distant where we want more time to ourselves. I know Scorpio's have a funny way of attracting our awe especially since we r opposites on the astrology wheel. In nature which has been proven scientifically. The pheramones that a man or woman gives off attracts whatever your genes your body is lacking, in esscence attracting the opposite. That explains why we a lot of the times even after we break up with a scorpio which I have done with my now ex scorpio for 4 years. I could never pull myself away from her for too long. Even tho she took advantage of my kindness and deep love for her and cheated on me 4 times. But I loved her so much when she came crawling back I took her back every time. But she could make me so mad where I wouldn't talk to her for weeks sometimes, but we always made up. I think what really kept our relationship from sinking a lot was the incredible sex we both experienced with each other. After a while sometimes we get scared or bored briefly of the current situation and need a brief break. Doesn't mean we don't love u anymore or any less. We just need the breathe of freedom once in a while cause a scorpio is very demanding usually of her man, meaning she wants him around a lot especially when she really loves him. If you give your aqua man his freedom every now and then the relationship will b great. He has to learn to show his affection more to the scorpio so she doesn't feel unwanted. I learned that lesson thru my relationship. I never loved her any less just needed a break, she thought I was cheating on her cause I needed my own time and was very sociable and friends with a lot of females and males, but that's who we are. I hope this helps.