I am very big on compatibility with zodiac signs which can be accurate depending on that situation. I am dealing with a friend/relationship crisis sort of speak. No offense to the other zodiac signs but I’ll prefer a Pisces Male or Female to answer my message. Just need a man point of view especially from a Pisces. Well here it goes. I've known this Pisces male for about 5 years now. When we first meet we was going out on dates, talking on phone, spending quality time with each other, and basically just getting to know each other. So as we continue to do some of those things I started to grow feelings for him. He did tell me that he recently got out a relationship and I guess he was trying to get his feelings together. I didn't think anything of it but I told him up front that I want a long term relationship, someone I can build with as far as raising a family and getting married and etc. So as my feelings kept growing stronger for this man while we're still friends and I wanted to be in relationship. We were talking for about 1-2 years around that time. And every time I asked him were is this relationship going? He would either say I don't know, wouldn't answer, change the subject, or make up something that would be irrelevant to the question I asked him. So I told him if you can't give me an answer then it's no need for us to keep talking. And he stated that I need to be more patience. I'm like how is that possible when I've been with him as a friend through thick and thin, when he was on his down fall (and didn't leave his side), I was waiting for an answer about 2 to 4 years. I think that's patience enough lol. I was honest, faithful, trustworthy, supported his dreams, motivated him, and etc. So I after I was getting the feeling that I was being unappreciated and the fact that he didn't like me like I like him. Then he told that he don't want to be in a relationship. So after that we stop talking. So one day I decide to go on to his Facebook to send him a message to see how he was doing since we haven't talked in a couple of weeks. Since we still was friend on there. But I looked on his wall and his relationship status said in a relationship. A week or couple days later after we stopped talking and in the back of my mind I'm like WTF. He couldn't give me an honest answer that he didn't want to be in a relationship with me but he gave this other girl an answer. When I asked him up front where is this relationship going, do he wants to just be friends or are we moving forward into a relationship and he didn't say anything. So now I'm like WOW that really hurt my feelings because I cared about him so much. And I know I did all of the right things but I guess it wasn't good enough for him. So after that we didn't talk for like a while I was so hurt by that situation that I didn't want to talk to him anymore. And the crazy thing about is that I still care for him. Even if he did leave me for another woman. So I will say probably about some years down the road he decide to contact me once again. So I was responded back and we started catching up with each other. So once again he comes back to me when he has broken up with another female. But this time it's more interesting the same thing he did to me his ex girlfriend did to him as far as leaving him for another man. I don't wish bad on people but karma is a *****. You don't do hurtful things to people and don't think that it won't come back full force to you. So anywho I really figure he loved this girl because of the same way he was acting around me that was the same way I felt when he did me like that. So now he sees how it feels. So me being his friend I was there for him when he was going through his emotions. But at the same time I know Pisces likes to be left alone so they can think in there fantasy world or whatever situation they may be going though at the time. So me still having feeling for him after he hurt me tremendously I decided to stay to see if this was going to be the same thing or will he finally realize that I am the one for him. So this time it was kind of like the first time we met but no so much so because of the fact of what happen last time. I still had this grudge towards him but I still care for him. So anywho we went out on a couples of dates, catch up, and did everything like we did the first we meet. So know I'm thinking why does he keep coming to me when he doesn't want an relationship with me but he knows I want one with him. He knows I care about him, I'm there for him during the down and up times, and when his ex didn't give a damn about him I was still there by his side. But this time we became intimate with each other (why I did that I don't know smh lol knowing that I still have feelings for him and know they grew even more stronger) thinking that this will draw us closer together and moving forward into a relationship (since that's what he said but I guess that was game) ......not. And the thing that kills me why is he worried about his ex girlfriend when she is not the one here with him now she with some other dude, he said he wants to get over her but he constantly stays in contact with her, and etc. So I told him that I'm just going to back off until you can figure what it is that you want to do. Because obviously he is still not over his ex and since he is not over his ex. He can't completely love me or like me or whatever until he able to move on without his ex. Because I'm not going to go through how you hurt me the first time again. Especially you're in love with girl and I wouldn't be able to compete with that due to the fact that the the relationship is still fresh. And he is not fully over her. So I told him don't contact me anymore until you can fully decided that you want to be in a relationship with me and that you're completely over your ex. So we didn't contact each other for a while until recently when he contact me the other day sometime this week. And I would say it has been for about a 8-9 months saying that " He wanted me to have some peace of mind, and to let me know that I was right and he was wrong, he miss me and he is sorry for what had happen between us and he may be finally looking to settle down". At first I was excited to see that he contact me once again. But then I started to come back to reality and started thinking about the way he treated like I was nothing to him, I felt he used me to get over his exes and just have someone that he enjoys talking to, how he choose another woman over me and told me that she was more patience than I was (Huh? If I'm not mistaken he was talking to this girl the same time he was talking to me, she only came around when he started to get good on his feet but I was there when he was on his down time but where was she), I felt unappreciated (especially this second time around when he was sick one day and after I got off from work i went to get him 4 cans of soup, some medicine, 2 gallons of Gatorade, saltine crackers, ginger ale, gave him a massage, stay with him for a little while because I had to get up for work in the morning. But he didn't appreciate that at all and all he did was complain. He didn't tell me thank you or gave me hug or nothing.) I use to tell him sweet things, something to make him laugh, or etc but he would take the umph out of it to make me feel sad or like I'm doing something wrong, When I didn't have to do none of those things and let his ex girlfriend do it but I did it cause I cared). I don't get it because the girls that he had a relationship with only came around when he was on his feet. But when he is on his down fall the same girls that he was with are never to be found because that's when I be there. And I thought that's what a man looks for in a woman the one who is going to be there during the good and bad times. Especially the bad times that's when you know who is for you but I guess he can't see that. So any who I'm sorry if this is a long message lol. So I would say I got the message on Monday of this week and I haven't responded since then. I want to response but then again I don't know. I know that you're not suppose to dwell on the past and move forward to the future. Which is true depending on what situation you come across. But in this situation he has hurt me so bad that I don't want to go through that hurt again and asking myself either why or what ifs. I'm tired of the what if when I know I'm good woman and he knows that as well. And it's crazy because everything that I give him that what he's looking for. But I guess just not with me. But it has to be something that he keeps wanting to stay into contact with me why I don't know. Well my question to you is if you was him (not comparing you to him just comparing your Pisces sign) what would be your insight on the way he feels towards me? This third time around is he playing games, still trying to string me along, trying to get good with me, does he want to be in a relationship with me this time around ? I would appreciate your answer as honest, and blunt that you can make it. Should I just let him go and stay nothing and move on? How do Pisces men feel when someone they have history with and they contact them and all of a sudden that they don't responded to your message(s)? I would appreciate your advice, suggestions, or insight please. Please no rude or negative comments but I’ll prefer open, honest, and as blunt as you can make it answers. I would really appreciate your feedback thanks in advance.

Aug 29, 2014