Exactly As God Sees His Church Today & True Education

The Body of Christ and what God Expects from it with Christ as the Head: Please read because I ask with my heart.Thank you.

I am but just a man who sees the world and people as they are according to God and not what my own mind can dream up to categorize anyone. So I can be just open, honest, real and genuine with no need for lies and disguises.

God does see hearts which are according to scripture used as His roadmap on which individuals He draws to Christ [John 6:37,39,44,65, 17:24] It is not only that God is the one to draw people at this time, but also God who has mercy upon whom He will have mercy. Romans 9:18

Because He searches hearts [Hebrews 4:12-13] its not what your words say, but what’s within your heart that will lead to whether God has mercy on you at this time prior to the great tribulation; because after the millennium He will have mercy on all who have ever lived since Adam when He opens His books at the great white throne in Revelation 20:12-13. Isaiah 65:17-25 shows the new life God will offer to those who desire His ways in His kingdom ruled by Christ and His firstfruits. Isaiah 6:6, Revelation 5:10

When one comes directly and only to God while completely by-passing man with the spirit or error, [1 John 4:1.4] it is only then that you will begin to see life, people, this planet and the universe more from His point of view on His spiritual plane or levels. In other words so as not to confuse, just read Hebrews chapter 11 about men of God and their faith. I have about eighteen years past since God first came to me, and it was God alone having nothing to do with man because I had no upbringing, no parents as far a family or a child and teenager with little church experiences which were but only in the flesh back in the late 70’s and a couple added experiences in the early 90’s. Since about 1995 I have not been at any church services because that is not where God has wanted me because I have tried greatly to be devoted within any church as an active part of the body of Christ.

Only through the will of God can one come to understand things which other can’t, even if they have had a whole lifetime of church, because it is not the church buildings of man where Christ resides, but deep within your heart and mind because we as His chosen followers are the church and He is the Head who guides and instructs us all.

And that is why we are to have the mind of Christ, because without it, how could we be followers?

In Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4, Luke 4:4, the words of the Word [John 1:1] are a commandment that we are to live by. So when Paul writes to prove all things in 1 Thessalonians 5:21, what he is saying is that if it or what you do or how you live or what you associate yourself is not written and you can’t prove its right, its because its wrong.

Hundreds of millions claim to be Christian, and the word Christian in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible means to follow Christ which is to have His mind.
Yet most all in traditional Christianity follow the ways of man and what they teach when all of their teachings and traditions go completely against the mind of Christ; and scripture proves that those words are absolutely and without question true because thy word is truth!! How much do you love God? Enough to believe His every word? Revelation 12:9 tells the world has been deceived and Matthew 7:13-14 show that only few are not because God has drawn them due too what’s in their hearts and desire to be obedient to only Him while casting away the ways of man which are the ways of darkness!!

All one needs to do is just look to God with no words but rather with all of their hearts; then look only to Christ as your only priority of life being as a mirrors image while holding His promise true in John 14:12 that you would do even greater works than Him because He goes to the Father.

Do you believe that? Christ just said it; and I believe His every written word. So when the words of Paul describing Christ say;

“And being made perfect, He became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey Him.” Hebrews 5:9. . . . I believe exactly what is written with no changes and no excuses; do you also?

Is living by the ways of man rather than the ways that He commands obeying Him? Anyone with any intelligence via today’s modern technology can do in depth research on any subject with only the push of a few buttons, yet man just chooses what the prince and power of the air has put into his mind [Ephesians 2:2] rather that what God says.

Look only at Christ and follow Him without making invalid excuses in your mind as too why it’s ok to follow mans holidays that are of pagan origin and the wrong day Sabbath. Read Zechariah 14:16-20 just to get some idea of the shadow of things to come within His kingdom regarding feasts and not holidays. Christ took no part in what man associates with, and for not doing as Christ does and teaches will be great punishment now, and still punishment in His kingdom to come.

The Holy Bible is our book of instruction to follow, and when not treated as a road map for His kingdom, the paths and roads will become crooked just as followers of the blind leading the blind into the ditches of great tribulation that will have no escape.

I began these words to only you Mary, and they are meant for you, but also anyone who God may draw into the truth that majorities want no part of. Therefore I will post this as another story. I just wanted you to know in the event you read it sometime, that is was written for you in heart and mind.

As far as your daughter or any loved ones are concerned, you go to God and plant yourself deeply, then just cast all of your cares upon Him because He cares for you and is fully aware of you’re every need and you’re every concern. Let your work be faith with obedience, and God will do the rest.

My life revolves around Proverbs chapter two with the whole book of Proverbs being my primary studies for the fear of God with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Of the reasons why God has chosen me are three primary.
1) The church is the body that only does only as the Head directs.
2) The lack of love within hearts that will bar entrance to the tree of life.
3) The faith required to be as Job, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego and all men of God past and present.

For 39 months I have lived in the lowest levels of life while fighting ants, spiders, cockroaches, major roof leaks, illness, hunger, great physical pains, difficulties of mind from an old head injury in which a small portion of my brain was removed, fish and rice on word of mouth credit, a dream home equal to that of the Skipper and Gilligan with no money for even the dirt to build it on, and with that just some need for Kraft dinners and Butter Noodles with some decent canned vegetables that are not available here in the Philippines.

And for those 39 months I have written many thousands of words to pastors, ministers, brethren, priests, religious web sites, churches, private websites of teachers of Christ and prophets and just many others that had anything to do with the Name of God and truth with the love of Christ. . . .and all to be only ignored, judged, not liked and not helped with even a friendship. Read John 13:34, 1 Corinthians 13:2 and Revelation 22:14 while asking yourself this; where is my level of love that Christ has commanded?

And as I write I have nothing but my survival and inner peace that our Father has blessed me with because I understand why He has placed me where I am and within the life that I live. I have no complaints, I judge not. What I do is just be as a tool for God to use in showing the religious world of today the way that He sees all.

May God Open your Hearts and Minds to only His Words of Truth as they are written.
timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Mar 1, 2010