Try This At Home.

Sometimes I give myself the full treatment.

I start with a hot bath in which I put in aphrodite bath salts with a mixture lemon, myrtle, lavender and rose meroc oils to name a few, a few spurts of herbal moisturiser and the bathroom has a nice feminine smell.
So relaxing as I just float in the hot soft and herbal water, close my eyes and drift off into femininity breathing in the aroma of girl with nice slow deep breaths.

Sometime later I shave my legs(that's all I need to shave, I am very lucky there, not much body hair),

Then I slowly get dressed, (not in the bath, silly), panties and then feeeling my soft smooth legs while putting on pantyhose and the feel of the hose on smooth skin is magic.
The warmth of them, the hugging sensations tingling my body.

I would then put on my corset and slowly do up the laces tight feeling the hugging sensations growing all around my body.
I feel the warmth from the hose and corset grow around me, the hugging of them, its like being loved and I move around like a soft feminine sensual woman. not like an ape.

Next comes the dress, which one to wear?
They are all great and sexy, which one?
Will it be the white lace one or the red polka dot dress, the lbd or the other black dress.
Oh which one?!
Do I feel naughty and put on the red devil costume dress?
Or my French maids dress? so girlie.

The red polka dot dress, thats it.

I put my legs into it and bring it up my body, put my arms through the sleeves and zip up the zip.
The dress hugging me as well as the zip goes up.
Next is the short full petticoat to flare out the dress and frame my legs.
My long legs.

Next are the shoes.
Again which one? as I have a few that would go with the dress.
I go for the pink ankle straps, so sexy and the right height for me and they give me warmth around my toes, but what of the others?
No, pink it is.

I have to hold my breath to put them on and do the straps up, corset remember, sometimes I put the shoes on before the corset.
Next are the details
Brush my hair and put on a little makeup, red for my finger nails, that's a part I like, sitting down painting my nails in a dress and feeling the heels on the floor under me, when finished I grab my handbag and strut my strut while listening to the click clack of the heels on the floor as I go to my big mirror. Feeling very warm and sensual, catching quick glances down to what looks like a woman's body.

I then look at all of me in a big mirror very quickly and I then look down, long hair around my face, the boobs sticking out and then my eyes go  down my torso and I see the bottom of my dress with my legs showing and my eyes keep going down to the shoes with its pink strap and a toe sticking out them as I move my legs about.
I look back in the mirror for a better look this time and almost faint, is this me looking back at me, I wave a hand and the girl in the mirror waves back at me so she must be me and the warmth, the hugging of the shoes, hose and the corset and I do a few poses and is almost too much.
I am woman.

It is good.
RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful
2 Responses Jan 27, 2011

I done tht once but just the thought of it gets me hard

Ill have to try that sounds wonderful.

It is wonderful, do yourself a favour.