Ground Rules: Changes Need To Be Made

Many crossdressers try and look good.

Though some, I think, try hard to diss or downgrade women the way they dress and act.

Some men dress and act like an everyday wh*re and plan it that way.

Unfathomable to me, I don't believe women deserve that at all.

So for me some ground rules so I don't make fun of women, make fun of myself.

I'd start first by wearing clothes that make you look good - look at yourself in a mirror and choose wisely. Study women, especially those with your build and 'imitate' the the ones who like themselves and try to look their best.

Then move on and look in the mirror again, make the most of your curves and the places they are in on your body. You might be surprised and find that they are in the right places.

A daily endeavor and course of study should be that you study other women learn their feminine body movements and imitate them. Don't 'over' imitate or make caricatures out of them. In the process you may actually learn taste and style also.

Also, choose a hairstyle you can live with every day but when dressing as a woman choose a hairstyle that helps to feminize your face. For me, these days, its a short bob style most likely and it has a way of being worn with any clothing (male or female) you choose.

Be natural with your makeup, if you really don't need it for the occasion your going out for then don't use it. When you do, my style is 'the less is better'. Me, most of the time its a flesh colored lipstick or shimmer gloss and a light touch of mascara, nothing over the top. A light perfume works too.

Use a feminine voice and not a drunken sailor or bull horn type voice. Me, my voice is sorta deep, like Suzanne Pleshette if any remember her. Speak soft and use your hands a lot. Works for me!

Maybe the best rule is to love who you are as a woman. I know I do and it makes more things natural and better ... and makes me better in the process.

Be well! Be respectable! Be a happy woman!!!!
Josie06 Josie06
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6 Responses May 16, 2012

I live in Denver been trying for long time to find someone like you to help me look like the woman I want to be thank you

i love your answer it was great

Josie,you are a beautiful woman !

Yes, indeed very well written and excellent advice.<br />
<br />
Definitely the more natural you can be the better. Learn the moves, practice practice practice, when you think you have it down practice some more. <br />
<br />
Clothes, makeup and perfume are made to enhance your inner woman, the glow of womanhood should never be over powered by tons of makeup and/or loads of perfume and /or ultra flashy clothes. All most every bit of makeup has its own scent some stronger than others, when all put together, you may not need any perfume at all or if at all maybe just a small drop/dab is all it takes.<br />
<br />
Remember an ultra soft but husky voice is give away, there is other aspects to a female voice as well, it is rather sing-song. Try to listen to how women speak and the words that they use. A lot can be found on Youtube regarding voice training and one of the best that I have found if via Andrea James and Calpernia Addams website Deep Stealth Productions.

I've always wanted to be properly dressed as a woman. Would love to see myself as fenmed

I agree with you totally. If we want to be women, then we should act like a woman - not a male fantasy version of one. Most of these fantasies degrade women.

Thanks my friend. 'Degrade' is the word I was looking for and writing this it eluded me. I don't believe women should be degraded at any time. Thanks, you added what I felt was missing from my thoughts.