Tip #1: Watch And Learn, Study Up ... Then Emulate

To do it right, learn!

Read women's fashion magazines and study the styles.

Watch TV shows (as well as women on the street) and see what women wear. I liked a show years ago on cable, 'What Not To Wear' with Stacy London. It was great and I learned a lot.

Women's clothing seems to go on sale quickly so why not go with last years style. The style must fit you, not the model.

Study and emulate women. They have had a lifetime to perfect themselves and can show us a lot which we can learn a lot in a short time ... if we apply ourselves.

Dress for your age! I know I'm not a teenager any more and wouldn't want to be. I find maturity a great benefit.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Especially walking in high heels as it is not natural for most.

Accessorize! That aids in your overall appearance.

Be the woman you are ... nothing wrong with being in jeans or a dress or a skirt and blouse. Be what's right for you, alternate between them and find your niche.

Try clothes on whenever possible and it is possible today in the stores. Sizes are tricky so try them on, once you know you can take something right off the rack every time.

Lose weight, it is healthy (within reason).

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When I came out I had a neighbor who hooked me up with a fashion consultant who would go shopping with me. She taught me a lot about style and what best suited my shape. It also pays to be open enough to ask for help on hair styles and makeup at you local beauty salon. It's pretty natural your first time to feel like all eyes are upon you and people are smirking but that's mostly just nerves. Remember their professionals and are proud of their work and want to please you. After all their success or failure as a business depends on the product they turn out so they want you to leave looking as hot as possible.. They may stare for a few moments to get a read on what would be the best look for you or ask you to book an appointment so that they can give you the time you deserve but then it's right to work after all to them time is money.

Women are constantly "watching" each other all the time. It is just their nature as they are all competing. I think age appropriate dressing is the key to success. My only wish is that I were a little bit shorter. Being over 6 feet tall makes me stand out a little.

My sister spent a year in Japan, teaching English, she is very blond and 5 foot 8 inches tall talk about standing out. She stood out just sitting down.

This is just so true. I've tried walking around (in drab) looking at people and smiling at them. Some women smile back whilst some are a little unnerved by a man smiling at them - almost a what is he after scenario. You are so right when you say that age appropriate dressing is important, I'd say it is priority #1.

I share your thoughts about being tall. Though there are some very beautiful genetic women, they are very feminine in other areas and so admired for their height. As genetic males (gm's), we do not have that luxury and risk standing out in unwanted ways - though it's not impossible for gm's like you and me to look fem enough to pass / not stand out like a sore thumb.

As a final note wouldn't it be great to have an experience on here for people like us to get tips, +ve experiences and other supportive comments. If only I could figure out how to start this off??????

While I'm not a true gm, it doesn't make it any easier. Being "masculinised" chemically during puberty didn't help.

I am glad to see that you added "Dress for your age!" That was the very first thing that I thought of.<br />
The other thing that I thought of is the fashion magazines and clothing catalogs email newsletters and websites, start signing up for them.<br />
By all means become a people watcher, but be careful don't stare most people don't like that.<br />
Smile, think happy thoughts, don't smirk or use a fake smile, the more natural you look the better and the less often you will be noticed or read. The more you smile the easier it gets, for one thing it takes less muscle to smile the any other ex<x>pression. Also a true smile uses your whole face to express and not just your mouth.<br />
It will be difficult at first to get out of the habit, but women do not put their heads down when they walk, they hold them up looking around taking in their surroundings, making eye contact with others and watching; and greeting those they pass.

Goods adds, especially the smiling. Women do it often, men not so.

Wonderful tips have you ever noticed how guys kind of drag themselves forward and women kind of glide forward