I'm Hoping To Find A Mentor, Teacher, Big Sis, &/or Friendship!

Ok so I've been a xdresser for as long as i can remember. In my teenage years it was all about lingerie and well looking slutty. Now that I'm older and maturing out I'm wanting to look like a respectful 23yr old woman. I don't need much help with clothing, i think. I am happy with my body or well i should say my figure. And since I was 13, even nowadays I get told by female friends that my face has female features. I'm really needing help with hair and makeup. I've practiced over and over again, but I just really need some guidance and help. & theres only so much help you can get from youtube and magazines. I need an actual person who has experience to help me out. As i mentioned in the title I'm located in Kansas. I can travel, but not across the country. But the surrounding states aren't to far. Well thank you so much for taking the time to read this! sincerely, Ashley.
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looking for someone to feminize me. I have great features, the build and only slightly feminine mannerisms. I need help with the rest though I am told I have great taste in clothing.

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