I Am A Male But My First Experience In Saree


I am Balakrishna . I love to wear saree . I feel very good when it touches to my body. So after getting job I came to Bombay and stay alone in 1BHK home. At that time while coming from my native to Bombay i Brought my sisters Bra, Petikote, Skirt , Blouse & Saree With out informing her.

So I planed that always after coming from office 6.00Pm i removed my male dress and tried with saree. First i put bra & then Blouse then Skirt and above that saree. In saree only i prepared food for me then after completing dinner I washed all vestles and then Slept in Saree Only . i felt very Happy to sleep like a girl.

Now also I am in girls costume Only


Blakrishna Blakrishna
22-25, M
Jul 29, 2012