for me to be a crossdresser is the best thing in feel the freedom and peace.when you had a bad day or just not feeling right go go,get dressedup and be happy and free.for me i have been dressing since i was 9 yrs old and cant stop.dont want to stop either.i get peace and joy from just putting on my things at night when i get home from work.the biggest thing is when i get to put on that dress and wig,now that is the best time for me.i wish everyone wasnt so hatefull and so mean to us,just because we dress diffrent.this world would be more peacefull and more happer if they would not judge us and just let us dress as we want and show the world how happy and peacefull we are,but no some just want to be so hatefull and lugy about something they cant do there selfs,what a shame.not all crossdressers are gay and hatefull,some are just real happy and want to be happy and free.why cant the world just be happy for us and let us enjoy our lifes and show some love to one another.why why.

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lot's of "how to" videos on u tube all it take's now is ball's, unfortunatly, lot of crossdressers don't have "ball's"

This is Jane2121 please give me the location of where you are in the country and do you offer lessons for make up how much do you charge by the hourPlease tell me in miles how far you are from Gatwick

Oh my what I would not give fro some lessons from a woman

I am Jane 2121 I need advice how to do my make up what type of foundation do I need

i need you so bad ive been looking for others who want to help with crossdressing with no luck so far ive made alot of friends but none are ever near in idaho.would luv to chat anytime

Hey . I would love to go out as a pretty little girl

I am a very new crossdresser and I have so much to share and so much to learn too. Please I am trying to be as candid as possible so some of what I say might sound a bit vulgar or offensive to some people so please I request that only patient readers who have a helpful attitude and want to know others should read and pls no one be offended by this.As a kid once my sisters dressed me up as a woman and they said I looked gorgeous. That was the only time I dressed as a girl when a kid yet its strange that it left an impression on me and each night I used to pray to God to please make me a girl when I grew up. Other than this when I was in primary school sometimes seniors who saw me asked me whether I am a boy or girl. Funny enough my childhood prayers were answered in a way I never expected when one year back I kinda got compelled to enter a lingerie shop and request for panties and bra, there were other women around me and some of them exclaimed 'Oh God' but the counter salesgirl was supportive and she took out a whole bunch for me to choose from which I did. Then again I repeated the act a few times, wasnt easy as in India people are not that liberal about such things. Then when I went to work in Australia a few months back, I used to visiti target and other shops and cudnt help feast eyes on white G-strings but cudnt gather the guts since there always were the helpers around who were young girls and I didnt want to embarass myself in front of them. But one day I kept roaming anout around the lingerie section pretending to look at other clothes, until my gaze was fixed upon the right shape of g-string and I very quickly just pushed myself to that section blocking out that part of my thots who says what others are thinking and just stood there fumbling over these soft white panties. I found somewhat the right size and that was the start of many such endeavours in aus where I entered a lingerie shop and just whatever guts I cud gather picked up undergarments sometimes pretending I was buying for someone else. Of course it was much easier when I bought full dresses and clothes and less embarassing although there too, honestly sometimes they asked me who it was for , I told them it was for my sister, who really is quite healthy actually so it wud make sense. Recently returned to India and by this time I had gathered enough clothes to have a small wardrobe of my own which I keep stached away so no one can see it although I do sometimes take a risk and hang my washed undergarments in my room or balcony for drying. Recently about a few weeks back the desire to dress and feel as a women surfaced from somewhere within me so strongly that I just had to do it everyday. So I wud throw everythin in , shaved legs, arms makeup and short skirts, stockings, mascara and high heels and either dance or catwalk in my room on music or start to do a maids job in those clothes at home at night. I wud dance to singers voice and particularly liked dancing to numbers which wud arouse my feminine side. The other option is funny as I do a maids job washing clothes by hand and tidying up my room (Which I dont do much of otherwise) and although it is very tiring it was arousing in many ways that I cant say right now. The good thing is that I slimmed down a bit by doing both these things and although my weight is still not low, I do look tall and slightly slimmer and curvier wearing lady clothes as today evening I felt great looking at my figure in just hotpants and a tight top. I am still restricted to doing this when no one of watching although sometimes I do wear lady UGs under my clothes when going out. I do feel the need to get attention when in lady mode. The other amazing thing that appeared from nowhere in the last few weeks is that I've started liking certain guys (not all and certainly not family) I c on TV or out on the streets and this is even when I am dressed as a normal person. I dont know why but it feels good when I c some guys. However, AND THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP, i am contemplating using transfemme or other similar products as I want to complete my feminity. OF COURSE taking that step means my secret will be out in the open sooner or later and that is the second problem, I know I can slowly transition at workplaces and among colleagues but my father will kill me if he finds out all this. My family thinks I am the 'good boy of the fnaily although that image didnt give me much anyway. I fear I will have to totally separate from my fmaily and my father is arnd retirement age still trying to do a business of his own and needs my help. I just cant stop myself from trying the most expensive and effective bust enhacing product so I dont feel sad abt myself. But i will have to be a one man (or woman) army to fight the world and make a new place here and this is such a tough choice but what do I do I need to be a woman.Need some help here.

Being out of the closet doesn't create problems most of the time it solves them.

thanks for sharing your thoughts and your feelings. I know that cross-dressing is the most important thing in my life and will continue doing it.

Nice comment hon if only it could come true! XXX

A designer fiend of mine "drafted" me when she needed help displaying new items for sale because I would be considered a "plus-size" model.<br />
I got free work done. How can I argue?

That was great. <br />
I always get a grin when I see stories like yours. When I was around 13, the cross dresser across the street from my uncle saw me in my "first" high heels. litterally sat me down, told me I loooked like I was either marching off to war or pulling my foot out of the mud and spent the next week teachingme how to walk in them. also how to put on my make-up. <br />
Great person lee was.

Josie thanks for saying that it means alot to me

thank you for have to be open minded and free to say what ever you want to say.its a free world and no one can tell you not to say anything that is wrong.if you feel like i do crossdressing is the best thing going today and will allways will be.i am one too and i will not stop for anyone,well i cant its so hard to just keeps coming back even stronger.

If you were a girl you couldn't crossdress you'd have all types of clothes, so I think that society is being very sexiest toward men clothing, I men should wear skirts, nylons, and all the rest ta tgoes with make-up etc...

Thank you. Although I am transgendered I am oh so glad that some people in the world are open mined.

it would be nice if the world wasn't such a judgemental and hateful place

thank you for that,i hope your dream and happyness comes true for you.i know i am happy beying me.

thanks for sharing your views! <br />
"I want freedom for the full ex<x>pression of my personality"- Gandhi<br />
I definitely believe that. Keep being yourself!