Iooking For A Big Sis In Colorado Or Four Corners Area

I have been wearing girls clothes and crossdressing since I was a kid. Lately I have been wanting to sharpen my skills with makeup and finding what works with me I am a heavy set person so not too sure exactually what clothes I need to be wearing to help with the fem look. If u are in Colorado or close to the four corners area and can help me let me know please:)))))
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Hello there.

I help other crossdressers with make-up and suggestions on what really looks good on them. I also have a little side business shopping for some of these gurlz that are shy about doing it for themselves. As I wrote a few minutes ago, I am happy to help others.

I have been dressing for years and full-time for my current employment for the last almost two years.

Unfortunately I am miles away in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

But please feel free to message me here (I am happy to send you my email address) and I would be happy to help via internet.

The offer is to anyone serious about looking good as a woman and not just slutty ... although I too have my moments!


Not near Co. and probably can't help much but hurray for you. Go as fem as you can. I love it to and go as far as I can as often as I can.

Thanks :)) I have really been doing my best and as often asbi can just lookin got the next step ya know

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