I'm A Crossdresser Looking For A Lesbian To Help Me Become A Woman.

O.K. This is one of my deepest, most heartfelt fantasises.

For about the past 40 years I have been living a double life, the daytime me which is male and the other me which is Lesley (Anne-Marie). Lesley has over recent years been becoming more prevalent in my life and I find that I am enjoying being Lesley more and more. I long to become Lesley on a 24/7 basis but need that bit of extra encouragement and support.

I find the idea of being with a man, particularly having a man perform anal sex on me quite repulsive but I have this fantasy of being in a lesbian type of relationship with my partner being a dominant (mannish) figure and me taking on the traditional role of the submissive female.

I would love my this partner to use a strap-on to make love to me and send me to bouts of ecstasy.
She would tutor me in the ways of the female and shape me to be her ideal lover and partner. I’m already thinking about srs and would be happy to proceed with transitioning as a part of my final feminisation.
Things in my way to transitioning include my height – at 6’3” I would stand out and get noticed as this is quite tall for a woman. I’m also quite broad and have a male type square face so not really feminine in appearance at the moment – even when dressed.
I really do need help with the feminisation process and it would be great to find love and share my female heart.

Are there any women out there who, especially in driving distance of Manchester UK who are able to help me as indicated above and maybe find love in return? If so you are welcome to PM me and we can perhaps get to know each other and if my fantasy can eve become reality?

Lesleygb Lesleygb
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At 6 Ft hill medic I to will stand out and be known to the world! I do also feel like a lesbian when I am with my wife!! I am under wraps and have been from the age of 8 to now 49 years young!! I hope you find what you are looking for!!

this wold be me too

hav you been to the village?

i have dressed and i been hit on by lesians


Hi Christine

No, I've never been to the village but have been thinking about this as I know that this is probably the best place - UK wise - to meet lesbians.

Perhaps just need to get of my rear and do it.

Dear Lesley Anne-Marie,

Find comfort in knowing that you are not alone. I too share most of your feelings. I want to make love to a woman. I detest the idea of penetration by me to my female lover, way to aggressive and dominating however i do crave the notion of a beautiful woman penetrating me with her strap-on. I am all lesbian and I only want to make love with my feminine lover who as she was born a girl she knows best what i need to develop my feminine self, feminize me and help me along my journey into my true self.




Thanks for your comments.

Being penetrated by a lover who was born a girl would be simply magnificent and in my mind just so fantastically erotic. They do say that the brain is the biggest sex organ ;)

For me, a part of my female brain is that I need to be made to feel sexy and in the mood before sex does anything for me. It also has to be the right person i.e. I need to be in love with them otherwise any endeavours to sex are - for me just non events.

I would love my lover to slip a hand up my skirts and stimulate me with gentle caresses. I would then be placed over the bed and my knickers / panties lowered where my rear would then be massaged with slippy lube. I would then be gently taken, lovingly penetrated and intercourse take place with me taking the woman's role. During this process I would love my breasts to be massaged and sucked.

Can't put my full fantasy on here. Suffice to say that all in all I want to have a full female sexual experience, and have it again and again. I feel a need to become fully in touch with my female self and present to the world as a sexy, feminine, alluring woman.

From your post it seems that you have a very similar need to mine. I hope that both of us can in time come to realise our desires, appetites and passions and find our true feminine selves.

Take good care.

I hope u find what u want in life

It took me 60 years to accept myself and start living as a female full time, but I have finally done it and have never been happier. I do hope you find what you are looking for and your happiness will come

Strange thing this. Whilst I couldn't contemplate sex with a man whilst I have a male body, I would love a man to take me after my transition. The I would view myself as being his woman and sex wouldn't just be sex it would be making love.

I must confess though, I just cannot get my head round this. It's just the way I feel.

I understand exactly what you are saying regarding the sexual issue.
As my alto ego I enjoyed a lesbian relationship with my wife, doing things or rather have done to me things that as a man I would not contemplate.

I don't know how old you are but I'm in my 60s and am a mirror image of you (also big and 6 foot 3). My message is for you to do what you want. It is your life and those who love you will accomodate your change of sex. The rest don't matter. If you don't become female now, it will be a life-long regret. It is for me. I've put everyone else's needs before me. Don't live a facade any longer. Be the woman you were meant to be and embrace your undeniable femaleness. You can work out the public bits as opposed to the private bits to suit your situation. You will only find peace as a woman. Please do it. Those who have a problem with you being female have a choice...lighten their own load by accepting you or be honest enough to own up to their own homophobia...which is not your problem. Go on....let that girl out and look after her and nurture her until she becomes you totally for the rest of your life. Best wishes ad thanks for your honesty. There are others with your dilemma.

Hi Dally66
Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Much appreciated.
I'm taking tentative steps to becoming fully femme. Using hormones to develop a more femme figure is on the cards but first need to stop using herbals.
I'm currently dieting as the excess weight ads to my looking male - it's just all in the wrong places. This will also make me healthier for when I do start hormones.
I've an appointment with my solicitor to do a statutory declaration to change my name to Lesley Anne-Marie. I'm also going to get copies of all my certificates in my new name and also take some extra qualification in my new name to help me ensure that I will continue to earn a crust when I do transition.

BTW I'm about 10 years behind you.


Lovely story Lesley. Hope your search is successful. Remember, there are tall women everywhere too.

Thanks jml2000
I must admit that the thought of a man entering me from the rear causes me to shudder - it just isn't my thing. The thought of a woman doing the same with a strap on is really appealing to me though. As is the thought of having a fem bits down there and a man penetrating me there.

Can't explain this and it just seems so bizarre to me.

Take care.

loved the story i all of us wish for that all the time and please add me

Oh I forgot. Lets be friends ok?

Thanks for your kind comment on wanting to goout the first time. I made it and boy what a good time I had. Read my story. Been out a few times more. Love it. I would love to go out on a date en fem. My next challenge

Fabulous sweetie
Good luck on your quest

Thanks Sammi.
I think I'm going to need loads of luck with this.