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Hey my name is taylor im 15 and well i guess this is my story(: so two years ago me my sister (17) and my two cousins(14&16) always stayed at our grandmas house after church every wednsday. My eldest sister (23) used to live there and she now just lives wherever i guess i dont see her alot. But alot of her clothes are still there.. On night i was just horny and *********** while feeling her panties or bra. This went on and progressed over the summer. The next summer (2012) i started wearing the panties and i absolutely looovvveeedddd the feel of them. So this progressed to dressing up fully. Skirts bras dresses tank nightys skinny jeans and anything else i can find. I have this best friend (15) that i finally told. I just had to spit it out to someone. She said it kinda creeped her out but she dealt with it and we never really talked about it again. That brings us to today. Ive researched it alot and i can see why i do this. I was raised by a mom and two sisters (my moms now married). My hair is long and curly and im not gay. Ive never felt attraction to a boy but occassionally to an older man but not much. How can i come out? I want to tell my mom but no one else.. I coudnt sleep last night because this question stressed me out so much.. Anyways id really like another cd or girl to talk to just say so if you wanna contact me for more info (: love ya!

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add me sweetie

I added you to my circle by accident. I have wat to much on my plate to even have the time to try and understand anything new. Wish you the best.

I understand your problem, i have the same one , only my wife knows and doesn't approve of my dressing.