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I'm not a dom per-se, nor do I want to turn men into sissies. Some guys simply have questions about crossdressing.

For instance, some guys don't know how to determine their dress/skirt size. How to measure their waist. What sort of clothes will look good on them. Where to get shoes in larger sizes, etc.

I don't have all the answers for sure. But, I know a few things. Other CDs here on EP are also knowledgable. And the internet is full of information.

So, if you have questions - leave a comment, send a message, or leave a note on my whiteboard.
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Would love sizing help for shoes, I am a 9.5 in men's

The size number on a man's will typically equate to a number that is about 1.5 sizes larger for a woman's shoe. This, also assumes US sizes. Therefore, a 9.5 men's will be about an 11 in women's. Give or take. It's an exact science, but rather a guideline. Shoe style, foot width, heel height, and variances from shoe company to shoe company may require an adjustment up or down. I'm a size 9 in men's. But I also have a narrow foot, and I like sky high heels (4 to 6) inch, both of those factors play into a slightly smaller shoe. A women's size 10 fits me well.

Stacy you are such a good person!!!

Inbox please i need help x

Im interested in learning more about makeup and doing my own makeup for going out, do I start?where

There are lots of good tutorials on the internet...many on YouTube. I would look for those specific to crossdressing or even drag queens. Dealing with the facial shadow and eyebrows are two keys to being successful with makeup.

there is so much still to learn,not sure where to start.

I know as a crossdresser that i would appreciate any help offered to me.

Just ask. There are lots of CDs here on EP who are happy to help.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.

what is ur email

Sorry - I don't give out my email. If you want to communicate privately, just message me via EP. Thanks!

Well, I don't need help buying clothes, but I could use advice for making my face look less masculine. No matter how close I shave, it's obvious that I'm a man in a dress. That's why I try to hide my face behind my wig as much as possible; my face detracts from my clothes and makes it impossible for me to "pass" in public. Although I doubt that any kind of makeup could make me look feminine, any advice on how to look less masculine would be appreciated. Maybe I could be made up to pass as an ugly woman -:)

The use of cosmetics is a challenge. Success comes from the use of right kind of makeup, in the right colors, applied properly. It takes practice. First off, I would recommend theatrical or pancake makeup as a foundation. Skin care products help so that your skin is more receptive to the makeup. Of course, shaving the face as closely as possible is essential. The eyes are also extremely important. Eyebrows can be challenging as men often have course brow hair. I recommend plucking to some extent, but not extensively unless you are comfortable with the look in male mode too. The use of brow gels can help smooth them down. I think taking an approach used by some great female impersonators of applying a wax over the brow, applying theatrical makeup over that, and drawing the eyebrow in with a liner is really effective. There are lots of online tutorials to show you how. Application of eye makeup is an art...liner, shadows, mascara, false lashes, and of course, finding the right colors goes a long way in making you look you femme best. If you can master the application of eye makeup, you've taken great strides in achieving the most feminine look you can.

Accessorize...big hoop earrings, necklaces, scarves, even some glasses are good for the area around your head. Bracelets, rings are good for the arms/hands.

Transforming yourself requires a lot of work and commitment to the art. Even some very masculine men...big burly types...that have made themselves into convincing looking women. They don't necessarily look like skinny models...but not all women can be skinny models either. If you want to go out publically, it is about finding a womanly look that best fits you.

Thank-you BizSuitStacy, you have provided me with a lot to think about. I guess I will have to do some research on some of the products you suggest, and then go into experimental mode.

It seems odd that, after 50 years of crossdressing and never being concerned about my face (because only a few close friends ever saw me), suddenly I want to be able to pass in public! Apparently the urge to dress and be seen grows stronger as you get older, not weaker as one might expect. At least I don't need to worry much about my size; I'm only 160 and 6 feet and wear a size 16 dress.

Are there any specific brand names of cosmetics you can recommend as being better than others?

Dermablend Cover Cream is an excellent foundation for the 5 o'clock shadow. http://www.dermablend.com/foundations/foundations-severe-flaws/new-cover-creme.htm?cm_mmc=LabeliumSearch-_-BingBrand-_-Dermablend+Products-_-dermablend%20cover%20creme%20foundation.

For the eyes, etc. there are several quality products.