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i live in a predominately gay part of town, so most of my friends are gay, bi, trans, or just a bit out there, but in a fun way. One of my close friends, john, is one such out there kinda guy. I have known him since high school, we even dated for a bit. He is a girly boy, never into sport, and does have the body shape of a girl (exept the breasts), and he doesn't really care what others think. He sprung the idea on me one day. "how about we go shopping" he said. Always up for a bit of shopping, i agreed. We walked past a womens clothing store, and he said "how bout we go in here?". "Nah, I've got enough clothes today, lets go get some cd's" i said. "No, for me" he replied. I laughed, and we went in. I knew as soon as he said for me, he meant for crossdressing. It didn't suprise me, he is the sorta guy who does what he wants, what he finds fun, regardless, of what people think or whats the norm. (One time at high school, he wore the girls uniform for half a day, and he had a big bushy beard! Different is what everyone expects from john). We bought a few items from the store, then wandered into a lingerie store. He walked up to the counter with a few different items, and the women behind the counter looked at me and said "he spoils you", to which john said "they're for me". The girl was shocked and me and john started laughing. He bought heaps of stuff that day. he looks ridicously good when he's dressed up, but he is always asking for my help and advice to perfect it, to him it is an art. He has the perfect figure and face for it, he makes some of the best looking girls jealous. If there is every a oportunity (dress up party, halloween) you can be sure he will be there dressed up in his finest. He makes a great sexy nurse ;)

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Sounds like John has a great friend. Would love to meet him.<br />
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