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I know what does the tick to showing legs at their best and even the body as well. The dress is the key and how the dress hugs the torso and then flares out from the waist over petticoats to flare out the bottom. that sets the frame for the legs and gives you an hourglass figure.

Perhaps I should of been a fashion consultant or even a designer.

I can do wonders with you.


Have you got a corset? If not get one made for crossdressers that laces up to about 4 in smaller than the waist you have now. ( if not, use a belt about 2-3 in wide and tighten that around your waist.)

I promise you that you will never look back and wonder why you never got one before. They do wonders for the figure and the feelings you will get. they make you feel more of a woman. Make you move like a woman and you will have more choices of dresses to fit into and have a smaller waist and make your hips a bit wider so the dress flares out more to give you hips and a hourglass figure. And get dresses that fit well and hug your torso. I think that is important as well. Many females would love an hourglass figure. And have one or even two short tulle petticoats under to flare the bottom of the dress out. That's what I do and look at me.

Doing that will transform you like you would not believe. There will be someone else looking back at you in the mirror and you well feel totally different and sexy and feminine and when that happens is like magic.

And get yourself 3 3/4 to 4 1/2in high heels. In my opinion, Drag queens and some Prostitutes wear like 5 in heels, but that is just me. This is about being a "woman" Heels are just as important as well. they will make you walk in small steps and walk like you are on a rope with your arms close to your body to the elbow and have your wrists out. The elbow must point in and not out like a males. Walk like there is a string pulling you from the waist. but don't over do that. Head up and chest out. walk proud.

It takes getting used to but its worth it. A necklace and a handbag as well at least.

When I dress, there are no half measures. I am not just feeling like a guy in a dress. I totally lose my awareness of being a male. I move like a girl, I behave like a girl, I giggle like a girl, I walk like a girl, I pick things up like a girl, I sit down and stand up like a girl, I get excited like a girl, I get in and out of a car like a girl. I am a girl.

I picked all this up from watching my mother and other females around me from an early age so that comes natural for me and I really think that nature make a mistake with me and I should be in a female body. I really have to watch myself on how I act in front of males when I am a male. Really

And please don't take this wrong. Go on a diet if you must.

You might just need to lose a little and when you see the results it will make you diet more. Just a little at a time and you will have even more choices of dresses and skirts.

Go to the mall for instance and just watch females that are like you want to be on how they move, walk, get excited and the rest.

Last but not least. It must come from the heart. You must believe in all your heart that you want to be a girl. When I was starting to get serious dressing in my mothers clothes when I was 13-14 I used to go into a trance like state and tell myself over and over again that I am a girl, I am feminine and sexy and this is a special time.

Its take practice. but its all worth while.

I hope some of this helps and good luck and have fun on your journey to womanhood.

I must clarify on what I meant about 'from the heart' and 'like to teach'
From the heart I meant that 'she' has to be already inside you busting to come out and to 'teach' is meaning 'to bring her out more'
I cant perform miracles and wave a magic wand and never be someone you are not. All of this is to refine what you already have.

Also, take videos of yourself when dressed up and in heels and just do stuff in the video, walk, move, sit and stand up, pick things up from a table or off the floor and in all sorts of places. In the back yard on grass in heels. up a hill, down a hill in any situation a woman would be in and then watch them to see how you manage. That way you see yourself as others see you and perfect yourself to be the woman you want to be.

RobynTheBeautiful RobynTheBeautiful
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my mother caught me too and now says she has the daughter she always wanted

thanks for the paost ,I found it helpful and will begin to do some of the sugguestions almost immediately.

Thanks so much for your input.<br />
Yes, I agree about the corset choice.<br />
I have two lace up corsets, one is a male to female and its not cheap and the other is a females that does not push out up the bottom as your mentioned.<br />
I agree 100% with you on losing extra body weight. I try to stay slim at all costs because I love my dresses too much and it would hurt if I couldn't wear them because of the extra weight.<br />
I am near the upper end of dress size where there still are sexy girlie dresses. I am a bit jealous of girls who are two sizes smaller as there are more choices to be sexy. Having said that there are still nice outfits for lager sizes.<br />
Remember, head up chest out, strut proud and like you belong, which you do.

Thank you batpeace1.<br />
To be feminine is to be woman and to add to SissyNYC, I would offer personal instruction.

Sounds like you are very very feminine Robyn.

It's really sweet of you to give lessons to those of us who need them! Thank you...and if you offer personal instruction...

It's really sweet of you to give lessons to those of us who need them! Thank you...and if you offer personal instruction...

Hi, pettipal.<br />
It took me awhile to get used to corsets and now I could not do without one.<br />
What woman suffer for fashion.<br />
I am sad that I can't wear high heels for great lengths of time.<br />
During the last Christmas break, I had the house all to myself for a week and it took 3-4 days for my feet to hurt, I would of been dressed up and wearing the heels for about 8 hours a day. I was in heaven, girlie heaven then.

A corset would be great! Unfortunately I get sick when I wear constricting clothing. I've tried a waist cincher and after about three hours I get a headache and my entire body feels stiff and tight (like when you're nervous, although I'm not at the time). I have tried to work through this but it even happens when I wear a bra that's too tight. BUMMER! Sometimes I still use the waist cincher for television work in short segments.

thanks robyn, i think your advice is solid especially the believing part , to me it seems the more i believe the more i feel like a girl. by the way your pictures are great i am jealous but now i know some of your secrets and i hope to put some of your advice to good use.<br />
xoxo honey

Thank you iamabi.<br />
Nothing wrong with dreaming.<br />
If this advice works for you that is one step more into that dream.<br />
Its amazing how getting the walk as close to feminine walk in heels can do to ones dream.<br />
Every thing helps to add to the dream, even something as small as earrings or a handbag or a necklace or an ankle chain, get one at a time and you will be amazed. I remember my first wig. wow what a difference. my heart was pumping wild at someone else looking back at me in the mirror.<br />
Its like magic when you move a arm for instance and that stranger in the mirror does the same. sometimes when I look down at my dress and legs and I put my hand on my legs, its like I am in control of another body. My eyes are in someone else's head. wow. magic.

Hi carla.<br />
Yes, my mother knows. She caught me twice.<br />
When I was about 6-7, my mother caught me wearing her high hells and she wanted to know what I was doing. I told her I wanted to grow up and be a beautiful girl just like her. She told me that I can't because I am a boy. I told her as serious as a 6-7 year old can be that I will try. The look on her face is a memory that I will take to my grave. Her face was full of love and I think she almost cried tears of joy and she gave me a huge hug. She was so beautiful and at that time, she was 26 years old and looked a lot younger than her years. A lot younger. People could not believe she was my mother. They thought she was my sister until my late teens.<br />
<br />
I was around 14 or so when she caught me the second time only fully dressed up wearing her best sexy dress and heels. she was not afraid to show off her assets and she still looked a lot younger than her 34 years. She just closed the door to her room and left me to get undressed and tidy up.<br />
<br />
She never said anything because she already knew. before she caught me in her dress there was a time that I forgot to put her pantyhose away and asked me if I had being in her drawers. I tried to act innocent and said no through a very red blush. I think my blush gave me away. She said nothing so I took that as it ok, its fine by her to keep going.<br />
<br />
Later after catching me dressed up, we where watching a show on the TV about female impersonators. My mother just said why don't I do that because I would be good at it and make a lot of money for something that comes natural to me and she would support and help me all the way. I was just stunned to say the least and my face felt very hot and red. I pretended not to listen. I was so stupid and young and never took up her offer. I should of jumped up and went over and kissed her. That would of been a dream come true. That would be my biggest regret in my life. I am sorry for the fun times we could of had as mother and daughter. Because she had no daughters, I could of returned her love and provided her with one. I could of been both a son and a daughter for her and I became the girl just like his mother as that 6 year old said he would be.but she has not seen me dressed up since when I was 14. she knows I still dress up but now she told me she is to old to play games and her heart might not take the excitement. but I will still try and ease her back to get used to me in a dress.