I teach Wing Chun to my children. I teach it in a typically, uncommon way. I teach it as I was taught; not in a studio or class room but from day to day, as a way of life...

It is a joy
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The bad things about being so young is no one really take my training seriously.
I have three students that understands me.

This difficulty afford to you the opportunity to grow teeth and character and humility which are necessary for good teacher

Sorry, not teeth, to grow deeply...

That's how it should be a way of life and not a class.
That's how i teach my students of kung fu, Mai Thai, Tae Kwon Do, karate, Tai Chi and ninjustu so that's how I teach

Yes, it is a shame, in many ways that the Martial Way has lost its "dicipleship aspects. But this is the inevitable outcome of commercialization...