A Typical Thursday Afternoon

The way my university runs is that it crams all lessons into Tues, Wed, Thurs.  Which is OK as it means you only teach for three days a week.  The only problem is that by Thursday everyone is exhausted, restless and teaching a class on Thursday afternoon is like teaching the last session on Friday at school... challenging.

I have to use my behaviour management strategies... but unfortunately stickers, stars and rules don't work with adults   So I have to try to be humourous... even when I feel like

So a typical Thursday afternoon is, put simply, exhausting... They make me feel like lying down on the floor with some comfort food, a cup of tea (cause I don't drink), and have a good cry and sleep.... I'm never sure which one I want to do first.

Magg Magg
3 Responses May 7, 2009

Your strategy works well for them, not so well for you.<br />
I wouldn't be so self sacrificing.<br />
At the first sign of lack of attention, I'd drop silent and stare at the miscreants. When they fell silent i'd say "When you talk, others can't hear me. It disrupts the class, preventing others from accessing what they need to know in order to earn a living. You are adults. Prseumably you came here to learn, but if you don't want to, please leave." If they don't move, leave or apologise, I'd ask "Are you willing to keep quiet and pay attention? Are you willing to limit your speech to questions on topic addressed to me during question time?" I'd keep asking til I received a clear answer. If the answer was no, I'd expel them on probation and talk to the head of department.<br />
I'm sorry about being probably too strong here.<br />
I feel shocked and angry. Surely these kids are there by choice?<br />
If not, what's wrong with the system?

Yes, but that was just a comment on a difficult day. Teahing adults can also have great rewards. I get a great buzz from the sense that I have changed attitudes or enlightened others in my area of passion. You can get that back from adults... and I also thrive on the positive feedback as well. So I would recommend it to anyone who not only loves teaching, but is teaching because they want to "change the world" a little.

Wow. It sounds like you taught younger grades first. I am finishing up my graduate degree in Elementary Education and I had thought about getting a doctorate to be able to teach college students. The professors made it look so easy. I guess all jobs have challenges.