My English Teacher

When I was in school in 11th STD.  There was this teacher of  mine  she  was  very sexy with a  figure of 36 bust,30 waist and 42 round hips ,   She  use to  wear  those  traditional bindis  big  one and always sari  with low hipster below the navel  . I remember  the  size  of  her  big  navel it  was the  size  of a  golf  ball . sitting  on one  of the  first  bench  I use to stare her navel   and  occasionally  she touched  her  belly  part  and adjust  her  sari  a  bit…… I  think she  was  aware  of  my looking  at  her  navel ,some times  she  use  to  lean  on  the adjoining bench   and  wow  ……I  use  to  fantasize  liking  her  navel to  her ****** …after  the  class  I generally  went  to  the  washroom  to  release my  ***. One fine  day I  got  a  chance to  touch her navel  It  was  our Annual Day   function  and  back stage we all  were getting  ready  for  a  play which we  had  to  do   on  stage. Our English teacher was our back ground voice in it. I was the first one who was ready. In  first  act  our same English teacher had  to  go and tell  about the  play ….she  had  worn  a Florescent  chiffon sari with  this  golden  blouse and she  was  trying to  adjust  the  sari . She needed somebody’s help to do that.  I  was  around  she  called  my  name and  asked me  to  help  her  she  was tying   her  sari from waist   and  her  pallu  was  down ,  and  instantly I got an erection by  looking at  her   I  had  to  sit  down  and  hold  her  sari  from below .  My eyes were fixed on her navel and belly part.  Then she told me to get up and adjust the sari from behind. I could see her round big  *** after telling  her that  there are some  wrinkles there  I started  touching & feeling  her  *** , she was looking at  herself  in the mirror . She  said  nothing and getting  more bold I came  in  front I touched  her  navel and  in order to correct something  there  I leaned and went  inside the pallu Then I told  her about  a loose  thread coming  out ,she asked  me  to  remove  I  came very  close  to her belly and in order  to  cut  the  thread I touched her navel from my lips and kissed  her lightly and put  my  tongue inside her deep  navel …suddenly one  of  the girl  come  to call the teacher and that’s  it ………………..

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31-35, M
Dec 11, 2012