Love Shouldn't Hurt

I met a lady about 21/2 years ago and her name is elizabeth.I loved her from the first time I saw her.She looks like the girl from that old cars album.Any way she says she cant love me because i dont have any money,but she says I should consider myself fortunate that she is my "friend".She has been married 3 times(red flag)and is 49 years old.Im 56.all she has done recently is that she wants me 2 be her "bodyguard"in a legal case.She has me stay over her house,but in the 21/2 years there has not been a lot of physical affection.When she toook me up to fresno to return some things of her daughter's, she seemed like the kind of woman id like to spend the rest of my life with.Now, all she ever does is yell at me,and i can,'t take it.She said that I should give her a ring,and I was all set to give her one of my mom's smaller rings,went to robbins bros. to get it cleaned,and the lady said that the ring was worth about $1000dollars.I think if i gave her the ring ,that she'd hock it.Also she's become very critica l of my appearance.I suffer from major recurrent depression,and part of that is from my not being married and having a family of my own.Sometimes death feels like a very pleasant alternative.She also says that I need to be more generous ,but all i receive is SSI.She says that I need to get a job,but if she wont be there waiting for me,i dont know.All I wanted to do was make her happy,but i feel that this is rarer than unicorn manure.Please, if you don't mind offer some constructive criticism,but if all you want to do is diss meSTFU.
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I'm poor, but I come from old money, so I feel like I can honestly give my opinion on people like your lady friend.

The reason I'm poor is because our family disowned my mom and me. You se,e no matter what, if your mind is always on money appearance is the only thing that matters: not love, or family. Your lady friend might be a wonderful person in her heart, but she might completely disown you if you don't have the means to keep up her appearances. I guess in short what I mean to say is tread lightly. Don't let your need to have love and a family blind you and cause you undue and unnecessary pain. Hope this helps