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I Get Baths From My Mom.

My mom does my baths on school and church nights.
Shes always done my baths so its no biggie to me. Really I like getting scrubbed all over and getting my hair washed.
She does spankings too . Both my parents do that .
Preachersboy Preachersboy 18-21, M 31 Responses Sep 30, 2012

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Usually I take a shower, but if I am to get a spanking, mommy makes me take a hot bath first. She says it tenderizes my butt and makes it more sensitive to the pain so she doesn't have to hit so hard (tho it seems plenty hard to me). Sometimes she makes me stand up and bend over while i'm still in the bathtub so she can paddle my wet bottom. It hurts more when wet too.

Spanking is just made for this painful experience.

Seemingly your parents do really care for you - esp. for cleanliness of your body and conscience.

I couldn't imagine either of my parents bathing me after the age of about 8/9. My 7 yr olds bath themselves but we leave the door open and we go in and out to check on them.

Does she spank you while bathing you?

My son is 15 and I still bath him even though he has lots and pubic hair and he gets hard when I wash his penis and ball and when pull his foreskin back and touch his mushroom lol I let breast feed to .

That is nice, it is great for families to share loving intimate times together, I hope you let him touch you as well as part of his education!

Must be nice to be bathed like that, soothing and comforting, a little private attention. Sorry about the spankings though. I know what they feel like.

When your parents spank you do they spank your bare butt?

Were you spanked bare bottom growing up UKnudy? If so until what age, by whom, and how?

Yes, my father spanked me until I was about 14, on my bare butt, and now, many years later I know he hid his gay feelings, I am certain now that he loved to feel my bare butt with his bare hand.

Did Mom see you spanked bare bottom too or any of your siblings? How far down did you have to drop your pants and underwear? Did you cry, holler and beg and scream alot at age 14? Can you describe your last spanking that was parental and what it was for, where given, how and who witnessed you spanked and how you reacted?

Hey, it was like 53 years ago, I am 67 today!!
I can't remember the details, but I know my pants were round my ankles, and I am sure my **** got hard, and yes I must have screamed! I know my twin sister and mom saw it.

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Does she share your bath with you?

I'm now 21 was raised by a strict mom who never shyed away from spanking my bare bottom if she felt it was needed. She was an on the spot spanker so many others have seen my bare bottom turned red.

What does your mom do if its bath time and you have one of your friends staying over for the night?

It doesnt matter.She fills the tub and makes me undress while hes watching.He come in the bathroom and watches me get my bath.I even stand for her to wash my penis and turn for the finger in the anus part.I notice my friend is getting a nice bulge in his pants.Later I would take care of it.I insist mom bathes him too.

YEAH i am uncut so mom helped me pullback foreskin &wash penis ,one has to keep this area clean ora wite smeelly cheese can form there

That's a pretty cool deal kinda like being rich and having servants to bath you and do stuff for you . Wish my mum was like yours


Arg ok I'm weird what can I say.... XD

No I was laughing about her being a servant . She told me before real serious that shes NOT my servant . lol

Have you thought about telling your mom you can bathe yourself now

She knows I can ! lol
I do shower but on school nights or church nights she does it .

Why does she bathe you on just school nights and church nights

What happens if your mother is away and it happens to be a school or church night and you are left with a sitter?

The sitter is instructed to bathe me.Shes a young teen girl and she must see me naked and in the tub.

I wouldnt thisnk of it.She will bathe me all the time.

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Did you ever ask to be spanked when you feel guilty about something bad you did and none of your parents know about?

Yea a few times. Not in a while though .

How did you tell them you need to be spanked?

You are so lucky as mum will always make sure you clean from top to bottom and gets to all those hard to see and hard to reach places. It also leaves you ready for spanking if she can do both together. I try to spank my sons directly after they shower and before they dry off.

It sux to get spanked when your wet !
That makes it sting like crazy !

A wet razor strap or belt stings like hell too. did you ever **** yourself when getting spanked?

Yea . I have to lay on a towel b4 I get over the couch .

How old is your son?

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Why do you have to take naps in the daytime?

My mother insisted on washing my hair in the sink till I was 14. I don't remember parents bathing me much, but my father would lock me in the bathroom till he thought I was in the bathtub long enough. I was usually wrinkled like a prune. Then inspected after drying off to make sure I was clean.

Well spanking is one things but giving you a bath that is wrong, You are old enough to do that for yourself you should ask her to stop.

Does your mom clean was your penis? If so are you circumcised? If you are not then your mom should if she is not all ready pull your foreskin back and throughly clean the tip of your penis. I clean by teenage boys penis in this manner because neither one of them does a very good job. I have been instructed to do this by my 16 yr old son's urologist and pediatrician because he has had several urinary tract infections. This same son frequently has a catheter placed in his penis by his urologist because he can't always empty his bladder. When the catheter is in place he has to have his foreskin pulled back and the tip of his penis cleaned by 3 separate betadine swabs. Each swab is placed where the catheter exits his penis and rotated around the tip of his penis. It is very important this be done every 3 hours while he is awake and since he can't be trusted to do this himself he visits the school nurse and she does this for him. When he comes home from school our nanny cleans his penis because I am at work. Needless to say it is a good thing my son is not very modest. I'm sure many people on this site think this is sexual but it is not my son has to be cleaned so he does not get a urinary tract infection. He had one when he was 8 and 12 and he had to be hospitalized. You must have a loving relationship with your parents if you let them bath you. I'm sure you don't think being bathed by your parents is a sexual thing. I hope you are not embarrassed when you get an erection during a bath because this is perfectly normal. Don't listen to any of the weird comments on this site about you being bathed. I'm a pediatric nurse so I am much more comfortable teaching my boys about their bodies. My husband feels very uncomfortable talking to our boys about their sexuality. My mom was very open with my brother and I and she never made us feel weird or naughty when we had questions about our bodies. I'm glad my mom was truthful with us because it was my friends that had a lot of misinformation.

Yea she washs me all over everywhere . Really Idc cause its just my mom doing that .

Lninwa, you say your son is not very modest, but you neglected to include in this comment that you have a rule, that if you spank your son, he is not allowed to cover his genitals or he gets another spanking. That might have an influence on his lack of modesty. But the medical situation does explain some of that and that you are a pediatric nurse, however, after puberty, young men should be able to cover their genitals imo.

If you enjoy getting bathed and having your hair washed by your mum and she's quite happy to do it then there's no problem at all. You're bound to get an erection occasionally but again as long as neither of you are too bothered about it then it doesn't matter. We're all naked under our clothes and there's nothing to be ashamed of when someone sees you without your clothes, especially your family!

My mom has always given me my baths too. Quite often my sister will give me baths when my mom tells her too but that's usually on the weekends. All 3 of my siblings take their own baths . I'm the only one that's not allowed to.

My mom gave me baths untill I was about 12, I hated it as I got older and begged her to stop but she refused. She finally agreed to me taking baths on my own, she would allow me to push the bathroom door partially closed but not all of the way and she would come in a "check me" before I was allowed to get out of the tub. The checking usually included her washing me partially or completely. I wanted to be able to take a shower like my dad. I guess by the time I was around 13 or so, she stopped checking me but I could not take showers for another year or two. I don't ever recall anything sexual about it, just her over-protectiveness.

Do you think you will do your own bath when you get to 16 ?

prob if I ask to.
I prob could now if I asked . lol

.. is your mom getting tired of doing it? maybe she will want to quit

idk ? She never has said she was ?

Preacherboy: Are you still bathed by your mom now, this year? Does she comne home and wash you down while you are sitting in the tub or do you sometimes take showers. I know she spanks you sometimes but how do you feel about her still giving you a bath?

I'm 14 and my Mom and Dad both bath and spank me all the time. They bath me every day and i get spanked a few times a week. My younger sister even gets to bath herself so i think its unfair. I hate it

Do they spank her as much as they do you ?

No i get it a lot more

Ask mom if you can start taking showers since you are old enough to wash yourself and ask her to let dad do the spankings when you need them. Does your sister see you spanked sometimes? I hope she gets them sometimes too and hope she aint allowed in the bathroom while you are bathing.

I've heard other dudes say the same thing about their sisters hardly ever getting it.

I also always got it more than my sister. I think thats just the way it was back then. Do you think that is fair Preachersboy and Jeremy98?

i ain't got a sister.

Does your mom still give you baths sometimes even now a days Preacher Boy or does she comne into the bathroom to make sure you have washed up?

Why do u want my email?

I get bathed and spanked by my mom all the time at 14, i hate it :(

Both james I guess ? just depends on whats going on .

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How old are you now Preacherboy and do you live in the south? Mom still spanks totally bare even now, like how many times a year?

Idk how many times a year I get it from her ?
I'm 15 jan. 29th and yes I live in the south . Georgia.

Hi Preachersboy,

As you can see there are some wierdos around this site. Don't pay them any mind.

I am older than you, but I too was given baths by my mom, or, more often, by one of my older sisters till I was fairly well into puberty. Just like you, it's just how it was done in my family and I never gave it a thought, and just like you, I pretty much liked the special, personal attention.
So you are not the only one, and people who think it's wierd just don't understand. They think everything has to be perverted and sexual. For me, there was never anything sexual about it - at all. It was a bath.
It just so happned that during that time, I got to have great conversations, mostly with my sisters, when they gave me my bath, which was most of the time. We talked about everything and anything. Mostly school things, as they already had most of the teachers that I was having at the time; we talked about girls and relationships as I got older; and we talked about the weather, God, and life.
Secondly, they taught me all about my body and made potentially embarrassing situations feel absolutely normal and completely comfortable. That sort of love and understanding made my emerging puberty a non-threatening event in my life. In fact, contrary to so many who have a really rough time going through puberty, for me, it was one of the highlights of growing up for me. I didn't have to struggle with it all alone in fear or misunderstanding; I got to share my emerging adolesence with them every night, and their support and reassuance that all was normal and good, was fantastic. They said so often, "I was sooooooooo cute. And any girl in school will be very lucky to
get to know me."
Most importanty, my sisters taught me to treat others with kindness and respect. That I learned from them by how they treated me during a fairly personal time.

Perhaps you and I could share stories about thos times and how they helped form, 'Who we are as perople.' I believe you can contact me through this site.

How old were you when your sister and mom washed you? Was it rare that you got erect when you were washed Petticoated by your sisters and mom and I assume mthey saw all of you from the time you were small and had no hair to when you had developed a full bush down there?

Do you become erect when mom washs you?

Sometimes . Not always though . lol

He is a good boy

You didn't often become erect did you Preacherboy and was that mostly after you had started puberty. I assume you have a big bush down there by now and mom still washes you sometimes?

That happens to me sometimes. i hate it

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Mmmm, very interesting! Ever get your dad to help?

not since I was a lot younger.

I would just love to give your naked body a bath. Ill bet you are so pink and cute to see all nude and naked. I would give your butt and butt hole special attention!