14 And My Mom Still Bathes Me Every Day

I'm 14 and my Mom still bathes me every day, sometimes my dad will do it. I hate that im not allowed to do it myself. Pretty embarassing. I am also still spanked which makes things worse. i get spanked often because i dont want to still be bathed and seen like that by my mom Im 15 this year so i hope i get to do things by myself soon.

Cause of my age, it wont let me add a lot of people on here, if anyone wants my email or im its JeremyJ301@yahoo.com
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My mom also baths me everyday i am 13 and i always protest and i hate taking a bath in morning with cold water! But why moms think that we are still babies please i wanna know this?

I am 20 and still get a bath from mom each night and would love to hear more of your stories paulg282@yahoo.com

At 20! :O

This is how it is in our house. I still bathe with my step mom and her sister when they are at home. I'm told to take a bath and then they either come and get in or just sit in the bathroom watching me wash or helping me wash. It depends on what mood they are in. I've done this since I was younger and never thought anything of it until I went to secondary school. It is embarrassing but I don't say anything about it to them.

If you are a real boy and not a troll, then pipe down with your whining. You probably haven't shown your mum that you could wash properly.. You were a 14 year old boy when you wrote this and are now probably 15 and I am sure you are still neglecting your hygiene. Most boys your age usually have stinky feet and underarms. Teen boys You more than likely don't take the time to wash properly and most boys your age do not wash their hair when unsupervised. I don't blame your parents for keeping a close eye on your hygiene.. I am sure if your mum let you wash yourself and didn't bathe you everyday, you would stink

Hi Jeremy how are you?

Can't remember when my parents quit bathing me, but my mother washed my hair till I was 14. Grandma bathed me till I was 16. She also used to check me (and brother & sister) after #2 to make sure we were clean. (Later found out that drove my mother nuts.) When I was 12 I started to get facial hair---she thought it was dirt and tried to wash it off. When she found out it was hair she shaved it off, then made sure I shaved after that.

Don't blame you there. I wasn't a big fan myself. I felt kind of silly.

inside too?

Yep. My father did that too, but not very often.

Hi Jeremy,
I feel for you dude. You should be able to bath yourself. Try not to get too down about it. I think the more you complain the more you will get spanked. Surely you dont want that. Can we still contact you on your email. I live in Australia. Steve

You do not need to be shy in front of your mother, relax and just let it carry on, when you get older i am sure you will look back at those times and remember them fondly.

But why i am 13 and teenager why it is embarassing to get bathed by her why is it something to keep calm?

Hi Jeremy if you would like to chat you can add me. Take care

ask them to show you what you need to do to do it right then ask them to watch as you do it your self let them see you can do it your self and may be they will trust you to wash your self properly as for the spankings just try to behave and they will stop

Why does your mom say the reason she still bathes you? I bathe my boys a few times duing the week because they don't do a very good job washing themselves.

they are teens 14 and 16. I know you are going to say this is wrong but I don't agree

I did allow her and she also bathed my brother. My boys are not embarrassed when I bathe them. I know you don't understand.

thank you ally. I try to be a good mom. My husband and I love our boys very much. We are very strict but we also have a lot of fun together as a family.

I agree with you Lninwa. Mums should bathe their sons no matter how much they think they have grown. I find that boys especially and between the ages of 11 and 16 are in need of much attention in the bath. I would allow them showers but I personally would wash them three times per week at my discretion. It all depended on how bad they needed it.. and I will admit that it was quite often that they needed a good scrubbing from head to toe.

Yes thank you. I also think kids now a days grow up too fast. They both shower at times but enjoy me bathing them. By the way this is the time when we have good talks and when they felt comfortable asking questions about their body as they grew up.

Its nice to hear back from you so soon.. Thank you.. I definitely understand the bonding process between both the child and parent.. I am curious as to whether you do any pubic hair removal or trimming.. I find that once boys get a full crop of hair they begin to smell a bit more. I am sure that is from not bathing properly. I happen to have kept both of my sons trimmed as much as possible. It was necessary because both had very thick hair around testicles and penis. Do you find the same thing Lninwa..

I'm a 17 year old boy Myron doesn't bath me but she does come in the room regardless of if I'm still in the tub or not. I'm still spanked by her also so she often spanks me right out of the tub as I'm already nude then I have to go from the bathroom to the bedroom with my bare well spanked bottom on view for my 15 year old sister to see as she always seems to be there after hearing the strap or paddle attacking my bare bottom.

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