Need Someone To Talk To :/

I don't know what to do at this point. I have no one to talk about this with. So this is my only option. I have been with my boyfriend Luis for about two months. He always talked about getting married and having kids. Just settling down. I'm fifteen and he's eighteen. I have a one year old daughter. I was about 14 when i had her. My boyfriend is AMAZING with her. She is so attatched to him already. He treats her like she's his own. But recently we have been intimate. I've been on birth control for about a couple months. My doctor proscribed it so it regulates my period i guess? And this month i forgot to take my pill :/ And we didn't use protection. For the past for days i've been feeling extremely sick to my stomach. I'll awake to sharp pains in my stomach and back. Have been really nautious, light headed and have been getting very dizzy. And i am afraid that i'm pregnant. I don't know what i'm going to do. My boyfriend wanted to have a baby. But, i'm not sure if i'm ready :/
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How do you have a 1 yr old that you had when you were 14 when the age range on your profile says 18-21?

See a dr and if you are it may put things into perspective. Once you have the results it may change your views. Only you can make the decision if you are ready or not

Please see your doc first, as this problems, especially the pain can be something beside pregnancy. You should do this soon. If the pregnancy is confirmed, try to talk to your parents and come to a decision. There are a lot of options for you, but you need to talk through them with the people who love you. Don't forget: you must think of your future as well.
Take care and be safe, little one

N wat are ur parents views?