The Life Of A Prostitute

Walking down the street
She breaks a heel,
She falls,
But she doesn't feel.
Her body's grown numb
And cold inside,
She sees a man,
She avoids his eyes.

She knows
He knows.
She knows
It shows.

She waits on the corner
The district border,
The red orbs glowing
The desperation showing.
The filthy men
In their filthy cars
Under the concealing sky
And the faded stars.

A man drives by,
She pulls her skirt high,
He looks at her face
And thinks, "I have more taste"
And he thinks she's a lower
But the car gets slower.

She's done it all before
100 times and more.
She cuts off her brain
And goes into autopilot...
She takes him to her place
Sees his look of disgrace but
With only his grunting breaking the silence
She wonders if he'lll turn violent.
She prays he doesn't wake her kid
Or hit her like the last one did.

She knows what to do
She knows how he likes it
She knows this is reality
No matter how hard she fights it.

They finish
He throws the money on the floor
She picks it up
And goes onto the street once more.

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add me up and u won't have to walk on a street for Customers...


You have done poetic justice. Beautifully written. Bravo, bravo!

hmmm... you're a poet! YOu're really very expressive.... Thanks.<br />

I'd love to show her that it don't always have to be violent, or even just about what he wants. I'd love to show her it could be enjoyable for her too... I'd love to treat her like the incredible woman she is, the only honest woman out there...

For your sake, Jesus does not keep silent. AND FOR YOUR SAKE, He does not keep quiet until your righteousness goes forth like brightness and your salvation like a torch that is burning.<br />
<br />
Freedom never stops pursuing you because Jesus's love for you will fight until the end. Don't doubt its power, because it is powerful enough to raise the dead. His perfect love casts out ALL fear . Holy Spirit is upon you right now in Jesus name, warming and embracing your spirit for the first time, and showing you that Heaven wants to dwell inside of you. Only because you are SO worth it. You have so much value, you ARE His precious diamond in the rough. You are unforsaken.

yes I do

Yea, do you like it?

i'm still a virgin, just 17 years old, Im very confused in the way i feel sometimes. I then think for a moment and call my self a pevert because I wanted to get what i want.....I feel very uncomfortable with it

it's jazz