When I Was Young Prostitute

So many men and some women have asked me to tell about life of prostitute.
I can tell here anonymously what is it like to be working as prostitute or at least my personal experience of it all over so many years and in different jobs.
Is also depending where I was working different experience.
But anywhere I work some thing is same.
I and my colleague always spending so much time in front of mirror to do make up.
Its so important to look pretty for customer, there is competition and if other girl is look more pretty than me then I not get the job.
If girl have large breasts it help so much, men like woman with big breast.
My breast not so big so I must makeup to make my face pretty, wearing sexy clothes and bra that make my breasts look big.
I spending many hours in front of mirror everyday.
Always try to make face pretty, makeup face take long time.
Also choosing what dress and underwear to use important.
Sleeping mostly in morning time, night also but everytime customer come Mamih (mucikari) wake up all girls for customer to choosing which girl he want to sleep with.
Different work place: I did working in ***** house (lokalisasi) bordil, brothel, hure haus,
There I have room and if customer choose me he first pay money to Mamih,(but in some other house men only pay after the sex with girl and they satisfied, if man not ****** man not have to pay anything.) then I bring him into room, I take off all my clothes and I lay down on mattress and he come on top of me and make love to me.
I ask him please wearing condom but many men not want to use condom.
Most men come so quickly 2 or 3 minutes, some men even just pushing his penis inside my vagina and come in less than one minute.
It is good man come quick because then I ready for next customer, but often I also feeling disappoint because I not ****** and if I like the customer I hope he making love for long long time so I also get satify from him.
After customer go I tidy the room, wipe my vagina or wash,or shower if posible then quickly makeup again and put my dress on for next customer.
Then I go back to front room waiting for new customers, I sit down with other girls and customer look at us and choosing which girl he want for make love.
Some day many customers, other day maybe only 2 or 3 men come to house and if we 12 girl in house only some girl get man and many girl get no customer at all and no money.
It is not unusual that for many days somebody not get any customer at all
Sometime if men not come to house mamih ask us sit or standing on street outside so men can see us and she say we must wearing very sexy dress and good makeup so men want to be with us.
There is so many house with many girls so often difficult to seduce man to be with me.
We always plan and think how can we be more pretty or sexy so man want me and not any other girl so spending much time to dress and makeup to look more beautiful than other girl.
One normal day in my life:
Wake up 10 or 11 in morning, go to toilet and shower (mandi) cold water. Wash yesterday makeup and put on new makeup, listening for sound when food seller go past our house with his cart, selling bakso or rice so I can eat breakfast.
Go back to mirror and see if makeup good, make better, choosing dress and bra, panty for wear today. Talking with my friends and Mamih, joking and laughing about anything, waiting for first customer, ready, looking pretty. We spending time at back of house, mess, where we also eat and sleep.
We can not sleep in rooms because room only for receive and entertain customer.
When man come Mamih call us all to front room so man can look and choosing who he want for sex.
If customer choose me I go in room with him, I ask if he like shower first, If I shower with him I look and see if his penis have pimple or if there nana(puss?) come out from his penis so I know if he disease or no.
Then I ask if he agree use kondom. I lay down and let him ******* me. Sometime I sucking his penis first if he not yet hard. During ******* if I enjoy I show him I enjoy, If I not enjoy I still pretend to enjoy to make him feel good and happy.
The room is very small, no bed, just mattres on floor for make love. Some room have fan but some no fan so very hot and sweating when working.
After sex shower again, he first and me after, then he can give me tip if he want to.
If not busy maybe we smoke cigarette together.
Then after he gone I makeup again waiting for next customer.
If I not get customer I in back room (dapur/mess) talking with my colleague and waiting.
Mostly everyday waiting.
Many day no enough customer for every girl, then if one girl get many men and other girl not get man the girl with most income buy food for all other girl if solidarity.
But some house if no good girls only compeat and not so much help each other.
When waiting for customers we talking learn from each other about what men like to do with us.
Special when one of us had customer with unusual requests.
And this happen often because all men little bit diferent. Some like to do strange sex thing.
Some girl agree and many girl refuse for example to playing anal sex or play sadist masokist or play pipis (pee) or play ikat (bondage).
Some man like to pretending they baby and other man like wearing womens clothes, some man even want that girl cambuk (hit with belt, whip) him hard so he hurt.
Or he want to tie girl and spanking girl when she wearing school girl uniform.
But this all not usual, normal man just want to ******* with us and after his sperma come out he go away. Most men not give any tip or give only very small tip.
Most money that customer pay go to Mamih (or Papih if mucikari is man) we get only small part from money and tip if man gve us.
From mony we get we must pay for room use and security.
Security is usualy man who come and ask we pay him because he looking after area safety.
Also must pay doctor checkup and suntik is expensive.
Many girls owe money to mucikari for debt, if they not have many customer their rent and all cost more than their income. Then they bound, they can not leave the house because they owe money and even when we get customers we not get money because all money go to pay debt.

Every month, some houses every 2 weeks we go for check up doctor or nurse to get suntek (injection) for disease and anti pregnant medicine.
Every girl must go othervise she become sick or pregnant from our work.
Many of us shave so not get vagina lice, lice like have in hair lice.
Usualy we shopping for clothes and makeup things when we time off from work.
We always 5 days off every month when that time of month for menstruasi.
Then we can go to visit our home village or do shopping or anything.
Sometime if girl bound she not allowed to leave the house for go anywhere because mucikari afraid girl not return to pay debt..
So often I did feel bad about my work.
I know I bad or naughty woman and people not respect us because we only prostitutes.
I feel bad and my dream was to have my own beauty salon. And to stop being bad woman.
Other time I think yes I bad but I did also help so many lonely men, even if it was sin I do,
I did sin so much in my life.
But if there no prostitute then where can lonely men go to get comfort? I don’t know, I feel shame about my work life but at times I did also enjoy so much my work, I feel confused what is right and what is wrong, I don’t know.

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God forgives all sins if you just ask The Lord Jesus to forgive you and you believe in him.

I hope you have a better sex life in your marriage

yes i loved the story, id of loved the wife to enjoyed ur like style, she did consider it on a number of accassions, but the thought of people finding out , and the way spurn those that work that lifestyle.<br />
just think of how happy those men where

My complements to you on a well told story.