Kirk Cameron of the "Growing Pains" TV series was going to be a guest star on a talk show that taped daily at a local sound stage where I interned at during one summer. I remember watching the show and loved seeing "Mike Seaver" barefoot, so I asked my director if I could be Kirk's personal assistant while he was there. He ok'd my request which I was glad to here.
The next morning, I got to the studio extra early and made sure everything was set...dressing room, food, bottled water etc. Kirk showed up earlier than expected, so I greeted him at the front entrance. He was so down to earth and we hit it off. He was wearing a polo shirt, khaki shorts, sports shoes with calf-high gray socks and carrying a change of clothes. Kirk had me carry his sports bag that he said had extra workout clothes, shoes, flops and toiletries.
I walked him to his dressing room to relax before seeing the director and staff. Kirk plopped down on the large sofa, resting his feet over the arm of it.
He said he had a late night at a premiere and his feet ached. Kirk kicked off his shoes using his feet and wiggled his stocking toes as he stretched out and yawned. I offered to give him a foot rub to make his feet feel better which he thought about for a moment, then nodded his head. I lifted his stocking feet, sat on the arm of the chair and placed Kirk's feet in my lap. I used both of my hands on his right foot first kneading and pressing his sole and toes. Kirk moaned, then said something that would make me light-headed. He said he would enjoy the foot rub better barefoot. I nearly lost it as I slowly peeled off both of his socks revealing semi tan, smooth and pedicured bare feet. His toes were slender and to die for. Kirk moaned even more as I massaged each of his toes from its base to the top. His big toes were magnificent. I took a chance and stuck one big toe into my mouth and looked down at Kirk's reaction. He did nothing, so I put his other toe in my mouth and sucked on them both. They tasted great! Kirk groaned and moaned out that it felt great. I finished rubbing his other toes and even put my fingers thru his toes. Kirk looked up at me with a smile. He told me just to leave his socks off since he loved to be barefoot, like on the set of Growing Pains. I told him I noticed the soles of his bare feet in a couple episodes were almost black. He said he only wear shoes when it was necessary.

more about this story later in part 2
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Dec 17, 2013