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Once upon a time a very long time ago ..before grownups existed and every body was small- there lived a boy by the name of tangle toed todd

Now tod lived by himsel,thats if you dont count the two pelicans that kept him company
in a little shack that had one window which overlooked a stream ..

he had been told by one of the pelicans that the stream reached far into the forest to a place where frogs sing and dance and butterflies paint rainbows and where the trees are made of chocolate and it rains lemonade in april and snowcandyfloss in december and  where autumn leaves are made of gold see there's a cave at the end of this stream and there the water runs uphill and eventually disappears into a tiny hole no bigger than a thimble - its said that if you put your finger in the hole that any wish that you make
comes true -

now todd wasn't the type to sit around and idle - not with a chance to have his dream come true ohh - you might ask - what is todd's dream... well tod tripped over everything - his laces, his shoes, his feet, even his shadow. Infact he used to wear gloves knee pads and a helmet and he hoped that one day he wouldn't be as clumsy and be able to run without falling over - incidentally thats how he got his name tangle toed tod
so he plucked up his courage shut one eye grabbed his feet and jumped staight into the stream ......

it rushed and it swirled and it surged and it churned, foaming and coursing and carrying him deep into the forest - soon it was hard to see the sky through the golden leaves of the chocolate trees suddenly it started to slow down bit by bit and as it did so

you could hear music and dancing and there they were  - hundred of frogs in ladden-hosen tuxidose turbans and  kilts dancing the strangest dance anyone has ever seen whilst singing possibly the most beautiful harmonys ever - some time soon after they all jumped from their perches plop plop plop ploppitiplop and they disappeared as quickily as they had appeared leaving only a ripple on the surface of the water...  all was still

todd raised his head and before him amidst the trees a cave - which can only be described as a cave in a boulder bringing an end to the narrowing stream - todd found himself climbing into the cave he noticed that the water was now trickling uphill and knew that he wasn't very far from making his golden wish he walked on a bit further and there it was - a tall wall with a tiny thread of water trickling nd climbing up it

it was allso strange .on he tiptoe he peeped into the hole. at frst There was a twinkle and a glimmer and then all of a sudden wosh and there were thousands of rainbows floating in the air and he saw that butterflys were making all of them.

this is what hed hoped for so he lifted his hand extended his finger made a wish and put his digit in.  There was a tingle then a jingle then a a flash with a sparkle followed by a rather indiscreet pop and lo and behold  his wish came true!


he had wished for nontrip trainers - they came in a red box with a note attached it read 


he read this and laughed and laughed

he then put on the shoes, fastened the laces, looked out of the cave,took a deep breathe and ran...

OUT OF THE CAVE STRAITGHT THROUGH THE RAINBOWS KNOCKING THE BUTTERFLYS ABOUT,THEN  down the up steam  - making the frogs flee for their lives - he ran so fast he had no time to get golden leaves or chocolate from the trees - infact he just got faster and faster he ran straight into the shack then straight out the back again. 'TODD' CRIED THE PELICANS he turned his head and tripped over - the shoes came off and were swept away by the stream.
The pelicans flapped down gently beside him and whispered to him - 'sweet tod you should learn to walk before you run'!

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-Beautifull!!! Will tell it to my son tomorrow night :D