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Predictions are predictable and highly likely , they are yet still a mystery because they are things that will take place in the future. Not to say the world won't began to swim out of control in the universe in spirils as it pulls away from the light being sucked into the black hole or something but provided that didn't happen,   we are very near an age where we will carry " Peace" signs and chants of "Peace" and folks wearing peace badages and pins much as it was in the days of the 60's revolution. Peace will speak peace, there will be little violence in the streets or the homes, people will come together in a circle , there will be "THE CIRCLE OF PEACE" written of these ages and will certainly be known to many as the ending of an area and the beginning of another , one in which there will be talk of Christ having returned to be transporting some to Heaven. Well so far ...too far fetched? It will be the beginning with the Laws on Marajuna Sales being won on behalf of American's , in favor of marajuna being made available, there will be much progress in favor of Peace in these days. I said nothing regarding when,.. yet it's time is coming soon.As for the world , the message of American's reign of Peace will resound across America  and there will be a tension releif that will be felt all over the world  .... so you will lease consider this as, the period of peace . I was compelled to like the idea of putting a name on it because it's just the way I think it will be.    
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Lets hope so, sister. Maybe we can actually get something done in the times to come. Be active in the "fight" for peace, a sustainable peace. I just wish I still had hope for mankind. I believe we have reached the point of no return. It would take Jesus coming back or a world wide devastation to change the ways of the wicked. So, let us hope, sister. Let us hope.