...it Doesn't Always Increase My Popularity...

...in fact sometimes it has a very negative affect... 

I spend a fair amount of time telling myself that just because it's the true, it doesn't mean it needs to be said... 

But, ask me a question, and look out, here it comes...

FriendofPromise FriendofPromise
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5 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Saying what you feel is fine. If you listen & care about what other people have to say in return & show some respect for their opinions as well, there is no reason it should cost friends. We each have the right to our values & opinions.<br />
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If you say whatever you mean, & respect other people's right to do the same without stifling that, you attract other people who feel likewise. Or who feel completely different but can accept those views.

There you go... lol

You sound just like me...I hold nothing back....not really careing how ppl might react.<br />
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So thats why I have no friends.....never put two and two together...lol

and, sometimes, I wish I was less like me... I'd probably have more friends... <br />
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however, I just seem to be hardwired that way... I had to learn not to worry about what people think of me...<br />
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you can too...

honestly I wish I was like you,and just tell it like it is and not care sooo much what others think of me.