I first told her this two years ago and it turned her on. However, my persistence has put her off it seems. Anyway, I cannot shift it from my fantasies. I just want her to go out and **** younger, fit men with big *****. I want them to make her ****** and fill her up with their come. I then want to have her later when she tells me about it. Anyway, you know the fantasy. Anyway, for her birthday I am insisting she sees some naked hunks - strippers etc. I could send her to the Dreamboys but that is all a bit tame I think? Do they have hard-ons on stage? I want her to see some rude stuff. Strippers where they get the women to rub them, hold their ***** or even suck them. Do such stripshows exist in the UK now? Anyone know how I can find them? If she won't **** another bloke yet, I'm loving the idea of her getting wet thinking about it looking at or touching some big hard **** in the flesh!
Citizen5 Citizen5
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

I have watched my wife **** several men and it has been great fun every time. I still tell her how much I want to watch her **** other men and how excited I get just thinking about her ******* other men.