I Lie About Lying!!

This might be a little weird but basically, I convince my friends and family that i am the worst liar ever in human history. And then when i lie, no one notices. Because everyone thinks they would be able to tell when i'm lying because i'm so rubbish at it. I am actually an exceptional liar. I think i started to tell people i was a poor liar because mostly, i am a very honest person, bluntly so. And i wanted an excuse to say what i really think. And now i hve that excuse. Does anyone elsedo this?

lostsheep lostsheep
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2010

I guess on the other side of this is the ability of the other person to detect a lie. If you're honest most of the time it's easy to slip a lie in once in a while, people would buy that too maybe.