I tell people when I delete their rude or misplaced comments to my stories. I think some people just love to leave random comments on random stories that have nothing to do with what the story is about. I think some people also love to leave rude comments, either because they want a confrontation, are purposefully trying to be cruel, or truly believe they are being helpful by leaving a scathing remark. When I get those kinds of comments, I usually delete them. Lately, I've taken to deleting the persons comment and then leaving my own comment whic says "Username, I have deleted your comment because it was rude." etc. I highly doubt most of these people will ever even know that I deleted their comment, or ever see the comment that I left, but it still makes me feel better doing it. Another good reason to do it is that others who come across my stories may see the comment & realize that I have deleted someone else's comment, so maybe they will think twice about leaving a negative or out of place one, themselves. It can also be useful for other members on the site to see those usernames & know that those are people who leave rude/ridiculous comments on people's stories.

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i'm sorry to read that lyricalongings. i have also had to do the same just recently. most people here leave really well thought-out comments on my stories and i have even left comments that openly disagree with my experience in the comments - only if the person did so respectfully. <br />
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just being mean or leaving comments like "you SHOULD HAVE done x or y" without properly reading the story is quite rude in my opinion and not worth the type. no one likes to be patronized or put down if they are sharing a hurtful or serious life experience. if i find these they get deleted, but i don't often bother to tell the person... i can see why you do and i'm now wondering if i should tell them in future.

I never used to do it often, but I've been doing it more recently. It seems I've been getting a lot of idiotic, or just plain rude, comments lately.

it's not something i've done very much but i see no problem with deleting comments that are rude or out of place. your story, your perogative.