So Many Lies...

I lie about small things... I lie about slightly bigger things. I just constant lie though about everything. I hate the fact that I do it but I honestly can't help it. Sometimes I just lie without even realizing. No one ever realizes I'm lying so I just keep doing it.

Someone asks if I'm fine and I say yes even though I know I'm not. My mum asks if I did something and I say yes even if I didn't.. and then I try and do it if I can before she notices. Or sometimes I just lie about something so I don't seem like an idiot.

I don't want to be a big disappointment though. When I do tell the truth sometimes it can get me in a lot of trouble... and I just feel like I've ruined absolutely everything. I know I would probably get in more trouble if I someone found out I was lying but I just hate getting into trouble and I want to avoid it.

I do try to tell the truth sometimes but other times... I can't.

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Well.. I guess maybe not most people... but I think I can fool my mum.. if she knew I was lying she would say something... and probably shout at me and never let me out the house again...

you say others don't realize when you lie to them. Hate to burst your bubble but when a person tells a lot of lies other people often do know but just don't know what to say.<br />
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I worked with a lad who told lie after lie and people used to just agree with him but actually laughed behind his back about it. We were actually embarrassed about some of his lies to think he had the audacity to say some of the stuff. We never said anything as we knew he would deny it and make more lies up. He must have though we were fooled. We may have been fooled at first but not for long. No one ever mentioned his lies to him in the whole time he worked there.<br />
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please don't deceive yourself you are fooling people YOU PROBABLY AREN'T

Thanks! ;)

hiya,<br />
I do the same as you, Alot so i dont get into trouble, But with me they away find out the truth so i don't know why i keep doing it, Its something i can help.....And my family does not understand that.<br />
I am here if you want to talk?<br />
I wish you all the luck i the word