Gone But Not Forgotten


I buried my husband and daughter today

My soul burns red with pain.

No longer will I kiss their faces

Or caress their beautiful skin

I buried my husband and daughter today

God, what have I done wrong?

To have them ripped from my arms

When my faith in You was so strong?

I buried the loves of my life today

You know I have no others.

I can't walk this path alone

Each breath, each step is a struggle.

I buried my husband and daughter today

My tears are so many I can't see.

Biting, ripping, searing pain

My emotions have overwhelmed me.

I am hurt, I am angry, I am lost at sea

I will hold them no more in my arms.

I buried my husband and daughter today

Why didn't you see fit to take me?

I wrote this poem on February 16, 1976.......the day I buried  my world.

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28 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Missy, for some strange reason it seems everyone has found this poem today and yet it was posted over a year ago. You and I know there must be a lesson I need to learn from it... I hope I understand and learn it well. Thank you for the lovely words from your precious heart. I never thought of myself as a survivor but perhaps that's what I needed to hear this week... to know I can survive this illness and move on with my life. I feel all my friends have blessed me by these comments...... Lol, as they say, one is never too old to learn. Bright blessings , my dear. You give me much to think about and I thank you.

Miss Giggles, (Mathair), I had never read this.. you say no more tears but Welshbabe is right. It's hard to not cry when I see such emotion and pain in the words you wrote so long ago. You bring such light and love to everyone you touch and we are so blessed by your friendship. I thank the Goddess you weren't taken from this world and I know your Trpr is grateful. You are a survivor and an inspiration to us all. Peace and Light and all my love, your Missy :)

Miss Welshbabe, your love and friendship means the world to me. Thank you for your comment. It was long ago and I survived. I now have a beautiful family again and feel richly blessed. I will always miss my first husband and our daughter but I know I'll see them again. Peace and light to you, no more tears, you have blessed my heart :)

Omg! giggles4488! words fail me, i had absolutely no idea, i truthfully cannot imagine what you went and are going through! my darling Ep friend,. I am writing this through tears! I am so!!!! sorry!!!,. You are a brave, strong, beautiful and wonderful woman! Love, light and all the happiness in the world to you my friend! Blessed be! <br />
Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

:) thank you, my friend. That means a lot to me. Blessed be...

Thinking of you today giggles.<br />
<br />

Aaw, Miss Floydess, you couldn't have said anything more lovely or sweet to me.... you grace my life with such kindness and beauty and I am a fortunate woman to know you. I do have happiness and love in my life and you are a certainly part of that.... thank you. {{{{HUGS}}}} and love to you!

Thank you Flipvisone... you have blessed my heart with your message to me. Love and light to you.

Aaaww, you brought tears to my eyes, young man. I love you and Katje with all my heart. I'm smiling....who wouldn't if they got a message from the sweetest Irishman on earth? lol whistelbritches....I can't believe you actually wrote that, haha. ((((hugs)))) from your future MIL... give Miss Katje a big hug from me :)

Miss Giggles, I hope you know that Katje and I are holding you in our hearts and send all our love to you today. We are so happy you survived, even though your loss was so great. What would we do without our Irish Angel in our life? We love you :) This poem speaks such pain and sadness and I can't imagine living through something like this. You are such a strong woman and you inspire all of us to pick up the pieces when life hits us hard, and carry on knowing we can survive. You're a real blessing in my life and I'm so glad I know you. Now smile, your whistelbritches loves you :)

Thank you kittycollar, you taking the time to comment is much appreciated. Blessed be....

*hugs you so tight* Thank you for your prayers. Not a day passes that I don't think of them but with time the tears have faded and turned to smiles remembering the joy they brought to me. Having Trpr with me this year makes it easier to bear and, of course, good friends like you bring sunshine to those cloudy days :) Peace and love to you, my friend.

giggles you are a brave woman. I am so glad that you have found some happiness.

Thank you Michelle. We all have gone through some tough times in life but we survive and we grow stronger. Valentine's day is a difficult day for me, even after all these years but as you say, I have found another I can share my life with. He is truly a blessing to me.

Thank you Felicita, it has been many years now and I have survived. When I wrote this I did not understand why I was left behind but I now know why. I have two wonderful sons I am very proud of and I have recently remarried a wonderful man and am happy once again.

I am so sorry to read about your losses. Hugs

Thank you AE, I'm okay. It just hits me hard around V-day. You and Cheeky and the fine trooper have made this day alot easier with your smiles and friendship. Bless you, J

Very true and you have given me both today ;') Thank you!!

Laughter and Huggs there isn't any medicine better. Love ya G

Oh, thank you so much A. (wiping your tears away) Your words have touched my heart and put a smile on my face. I don't know how strong or brave I've been, but I know that I love you all and am blessed you are in my life. This thing called life can surely be cruel at times but we get up, dust off, and carry on knowing there is a reason for all things (even if we can't comprehend it) and a path we must walk. I am thankful and blessed to have people like you in my life and especially today. Many hugs to my dear brother so far away ((hugs and a kiss)) J

Dearest Sister, if I make any typos it's because it's hard to type with tear-flooded eyes.<br />
<br />
How strong does a person have to be to withstand 34 years of pain?<br />
<br />
How brave does a person have to be just to survive, let alone to carry on with such love and wit and wisdom, even laughter, the way you do, and as you share with your EP friends?<br />
<br />
You are an inspiration to us all, giggles. You show just how strong the human spirit can be.<br />
<br />
I will be holding your hand on tomorrow's sad, sad anniversary.<br />
<br />
(*a million loving hugs*)

BC & BI ~ My sisters, what can I say. You have always been there for me and treated me like family. Thank you both and please give mama and papa a big hug for me. I am well past wishing I had gone with your brother and our daughter and am looking forward to the future. This day is just so full of memories.....it is difficult but I'm fine.<br />
<br />
Katje ~ you are so sweet, thanks for the kiss and the hug. I love you too honey :)<br />
<br />
Cheeky ~ Thank you. You're such a good friend. I appreciate you and AE more than words can convey. You have made me smile all week and it has made this day alot easier.....bless you dear friend.

Blessing of love and light are with you.

Honey, we love you and we are thinking about you today. Wish you could be with us but I know you need to rest....NO traveling. You know, Mama still has this poem you wrote fr<x>amed on her dresser. Yes, it is a sad poem to make one cry but it is also a poem of great love....the magical love you and my brother had together. You will see Miguel and Andrea again one day but for now God has blessed you richly with a man who adores you and your wonderful sons love their mom so much. I thank God he didn't take you too. He knew how much we would all need you in our lives. Bless you girl, I will see you soon. Love your sis, S

You are in our hearts and thoughts today Sis, we are going to mama and papa's and we will light a candle for you. We all miss Miguel and little Andrea so much and I'm sending you a big hug. Our family is happy that you are with the trooper today, he is truly a blessing. G

Thank you dear man. I have been blessed with you. I never thought I could be truly happy again, but I was wrong.

I'm so glad he didn't take you. If he had, my life would be so empty. I know that is the kind of wound that never really heals but let me be the one you lean on to help you through this day.... and all the days to come. All my love, N

Thank you, years have passed and the pain of their loss never leaves but it has eased. I smile and I get through my days but I never stop missing them. I have wonderful memories and those help me live with the ache in my heart each Valentine's day. I have been blessed with a new love and two wonderful sons and life goes on. Bless you, dear friend, it does get better as time passes.