I am guilty of this, sometimes to the extreme. I have practiced and honed my skills at presenting, or wearing, the "right" mask so that all people see is the mask, not the real me behind it.
Silliest part of this is that even when I do not need one, I put on a mask anyway...rather thanlettinmg folks see me as I am.
I do this with everyone...even my beloved. But I am working on destroying the mask I wear for her, and letting her see the real me. It is not easy, and it is sometimes scarry and painful...but ssshe accepts, and listens, and reframes from judging me. I anm getting to lilke opening up...I thinl destroying her mask will help me to destroy some of myothers, too!!!
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Mask can be good sometimes as everybody else is wearing it. It is so difficult to see their real self. But my problem is, i have been to spontaneous and straight forward. of course people don't appreciate it. The more masks you put on, the better you are popular and liked by others. The net result of being transparent is..i have very less friends around, i hardly get a call from anybody, even from my own family...but that is the way i am..can't help it.

I am learning to wear masks as i have been too transparent for too long and people know how to manipulate me.Have a blessed day.

Thank you for your efforts, love......we will do this..somehow....<br />
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