Intellectual Smart-***, Social Dumb-***

About a month ago or so, there was a question asking about our thoughts on the many worlds theory of quantum physics. I answer with the following:

"Why do you care what other people think?" - Richard Feynman.

The asker was commenting on the answers he was receiving, so I was looking forward to what he had to say to my answer. When I checked back for his response, my answer was gone; he deleted it thinking that I was just being a rude *******. I was being sarcastic. Dr. Richard Feynman, the man who essentially created the many worlds (also known as the infinite universes) theory as a logical progression from his development of his "sums over histories" method for calculating quantum number values in subatomic particle reactions; something for which he received a lot of flack, including several specific variations on the "Schrödinger's cat" quantum wave collapse paradox. "Why Do You Care What Other People Think?" is the name of one of his autobiographical collection of essays on life as a physicist; the one in which he first introduces the infinite universes theory and all the crap he took about it. But the esoteric string of facts that anyone would have to know in order to get the joke is bizarre enough that it backfired completely. It's social ineptitude like this that has made me an outsider my entire life. Hurray, I'm smart, big ******* deal. What's it ever gotten me? Misunderstanding and rejection.
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Aug 7, 2010