Holding A Mirror Up To You When You Are Mean.

Think of me like a mirror. If someone is putting bad energy out there, being mean, making hateful comments-- I don't have a problem being mean to people who are hateful. I'm opinionated and I love to surprise these people. I'm not one to sit and take it when I feel like you're stepping on my toes. You get a warning and then that's it.

With my characteristic bluntness and devil-may-care attitude, it is my duty and honor to hold the mirror up to a mean person and show that person how they treat others. One person reacted by flinging d-grade insults and pouting by leaving big-baby comments on my stories. To that person: it might be time to step away from EP for awhile. Just a thought. I feel honored that my reflection of that person was so accurate that it struck them so deep. They spent a lot of time trying to "get back" at me.
HeartofHearts HeartofHearts
4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

yes, it's more difficult with my family for some reason... i have serious guilt issues...

Ah, so you do know how to do this. It must just be easier to do this with some people and not others.

thank you, wiseowl... i appreciate your support. hugz!

You're nicer then me. I don't give warnings..waste of my energy & that's too precious .Keep on doing your thing, well said Hearts.