Use Me, Yes They Do, Why I Tolerate It

This story goes back 17 years to the present.  Honestly if I'd rather be dead than to have to live my life without friends.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to make friends with the Average Joe type.  The only kind of people that I've been able to make friends with is the gang member type.  Quite often they out bizarre me.  My tendencies and beliefs do not scare them off like they scare normal people.  Gang members are users.  Their also extremely protective.  I suppose being used is okay considering that I get someone to talk to and spend time with and a feeling of security in return.  No I would not recommend this type of person as a friend to anyone.

lawnmowrman lawnmowrman
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

this story made me think about my personal choice of friends. I just realized how lucky i have been with mi friends