I Just Don;t Care Ether Way

i told my friend once that i hatted people and she looked at me like i just called her a *****, i meant nothing by it. meaning that i didn't mean that i hated her as a person, just that i don't like being around other human beings. i don't even like being around my brother who i get along with so well and who is as at this point my best friend. i hardly even care if i don't talk to my friends for month's and then they get mad at me and i just don't see what i did wrong. at one point it got so bad that i had to schedule phone call's with them all just so that they wouldn't be agree at me the next time we met. i want to car about not calling them and i want to want to spend time with them but i just don't and they think i'm a bad friend for that. maybe i am a bad friend but i'll never know because i don't just act this way with my friends, i don't even want to play games with my 8 years baby sister and i love her more then anyone in this whole world.i get lonely when i'm alone as you do, but when i'm with other people there's not much of a deference. there is like 1 person that i don't mind hanging out with 24/7, someone that i miss when he's not around. but i don't know if i'll ever be that way with anyone else in my whole life and that is just depressing.
amicawinters amicawinters
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012