Judge Movies By Their Endings

Well, like this group says, I judge movies by their endings.  I never mean too but thats usually what happens, it can be a gr8 movie and have a really interesting plot and lots of action but at the end if i dont see what i think/want then i basically think the movie is only "fair"  for instance Spiderman, i think its a gr8 movie because in the third one when harry dies i know it sucks that he does but somehow it was a good ending for the movie and for harry, knowing that he had saved his best friend from venom and the sandman. 
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

yea i know what u mean, every story nowadays has those happy ending type things, with the exception of a couple.

I hate how pretty much ALL movies have happy endings :p you always know whats gonna happen in the end, unless it doesnt happen. Like in Blood and Chocolate, [the book] she doesnt run away with her love and she just stays with her clan/tribe/whatever. That didnt have a happy ending but it left me feeling unsatisfied lol