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The Mothers Of Invention, The Bonzo Dog Do-Dah Band, Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Velvet Underground, Rahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society, World Saxophone Quartet, anything by Carla Bley - especially Escalator Over the Hill, & The Mahavishnu Orchestra.  
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my hunch is that you refer to The Residents,castigan.<br />
<br />
someone has heard of Carla Bley!<br />
all the groups you mention are in my top faves as well. wooh-hah.

I remember seeing this video clip of guys walking around a campfire in some strange ceremony. They each were wearing a huge eye for a head. Any ideas as to who they were?

Hi C: I have no feelings about Bowie pro or con - my girlfriend likes him. My only observation about him is that he is very indebted to Sly Stone, re-listen to early Sly and you can hear where Bowie got his guitar style - note for note.

You're probably wondering why I'm here<br />
And so am I<br />
So am I

Now I've got problems of my own,<br />
And you can't help me out.<br />
So take your medications and your preparations,<br />
And ram it up your snout.

Hi Brut: 200 Motels is one of the most bizarre works of art ever. Zappa actually got Ringo Starr to play him in the movie.

I watched "2000 Motels" with a friend once, and it was really the first time I was exposed to any of his music (except for the poodle song...), and you are right, it is very original...and VU; yes, wasn't Lou Reed a frightening talent then? I have listened to some of his later stuff (late 80's) and it was also very political...I was watching this stupid show on TV last night on Direct TV where you can order videos and on the side of the screen people are messaging and this ******* said Bowie was lame-okay-Bowie and Trent Reznor-yes, Lame-but Bowie himself, alone????? I guess I am still mad about it...anyway, this wasn't about Dave...<br />
Thanks for sharing, have a nice day, El!!

I do not talk funny I'm totally sure. What's the matter with the way I talk? I mean, barf out! Gag me with a spoon.

Well, yes, coffeegirl, that's very interesting, but right now I'm moving to Montana and raise me up a nice big crop of dental floss.

As I replaced my [large] record collection with CDs - an expensive undertaking - it was interesting to see which groups held up over time and which didn't. The Mothers - and Zappa's solo work - is as dazzling today as it was then - fearlessly original and musically incredibly sophisticated. Suzy, Suzy Creamcheese.

Don't get me wrong - I love them. But when they came out back in '67 they were received with universal contempt. Go back to their debut album - now CD - and download Heroin, The Black Angel's Death Song, and European Son. The VU was a whiff of malice on a sunny day.

Sounds like an unattractive T-shirt is on its way to your house!

My 11 yr old son went to see a group named "Papa Roach" with his dad tonight. I've never hear them, don't know if they live up to their name ;-)

Every single group listed I absolutely adore - they are among my all time favorites.<br />
<br />
Al Jarreau is an amazing singer, very athletic and very polished - I'm a singer myself and an admirer of great singers - Jarreau certainly falls into that category.

Do you like the music oe just the inventive names?<br />
I once saw Al Jarreau and was truly amazed by the things he could do with his voice. He did a set that was sort of like dualing banjos, but it was his voice against the instruments in his band, amazing.