Time Are Bad...

It's something natural for me, when something goes bad, I lock myself away. When all the things are messed, I'm in total hibernation. It happens when I'm not getting along well with a friend, I just move away, temporarily. When things are bad with family, I stay inside my bedroom for long hours or stay quiet.
Yes, times are bad, generally, and for me as well. I'm failing at life; nothing is right. People ask me same questions, if I found work, or I got engaged, what's up in life and what's new. I've locked myself for last few months. I don't go out anymore and I don't talk to anyone.
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i guess i'll repeat my point if i say that you're too young to nurture such feelings but you know out of your so depressing story in so depressing experience group i still find something positive for you and that's the title of your story. when you say times are bad then definitely somewhere somehow you've a conviction that good times would follow sooner or later. because if we start feeling that life is just like this then no change or improvement is expected or even awaited. in your case i'm sure things will turn good soon especially if you develop your circle of friends at workplace and got better use of your time. the other good thing is that you know what you're , you know you're strong you know you're introvert you know what you need to do when you need to do and that's a great quality to have. it's just that one right moment when time will click your way , i wish that happens pretty soon. all the best , don't feel that low naaaa :)

I know, I'm strong and I've to bear it all; which is quite scary :) I can go on and last the distance, no one dies before time. I'm afraid things will not get better; I know my circumstances, chances of betterment... all the factors. When you've a bad start of practical life, it really feels like how I am feeling.<br />
I'm sorry if my story made you feel sad or depressed. I think this is the only place where I can dump whatever is going inside me.<br />
Thank you so much for your time and concern :)

Hi again, Samerac here.<br />
I just sent off two emails this morning telling people I won't be able to catch up with them for a while. Hibernating. Weekends are kind of killers because I desperately want to be alone all weekend so avoid making plans, but then I end up sleeping because I don't want to be conscious - and that kind of makes me feel even more lost. <br />
Sometimes I too feel I am failing at life - no partner (too scared to get that close), no kids (too scared to love that much), ordinary job (too scared to live up to my passion and potential and they are too fickle to be relied on at present).<br />
I am nervous to hear someone as young as you writing these things: you have a long way to go in life and it must seem impossible that you could go on and last the distance. And I know that my own experiences and words may mean nothing to you, but if you want me to talk about what it's like 20 years down the track we are both on, let me know. It can actually be okay - daunting, hard and challenging but you can end up discovering you are alot stronger than you think and all this pain is weaving into the tapestry of who you are becoming